Last week our family had the privilege of being hosted by The Jefferson in Richmond, Virginia. As we were leaving I asked Mary Grace (8) how she would describe the hotel. Without any hesitation she said “fun and fancy.” In those two words I believe she completely captured how we felt about the hotel!


The Jefferson first opened its doors in 1895 and although it has gone through much change and renovation over the years, the old world charm still shines through. Walking into the lobby you immediately feel as though you are being transported into an era of elaborate parties (very Great Gatsby-like in my mind…my daughter, on the other hand, pictured a scene from Cinderella!)

The Grand Staircase takes you from the Palm Court Lobby to the exquisite Rotunda. This 36-step marble staircase is rumored to be the inspiration for the famous one used in many scenes from Gone With The Wind. Although no one knows for sure, as you descend the staircase, it certainly is believable!

Less than impressed with the fame of the staircase, my kids just saw an opportunity to run up and down in grand fashion! Mary Grace seriously considered sliding down the banister (I mean, who wouldn’t want to?), but thankfully resisted that urge.

The Rotunda is truly my favorite spot in the hotel. With its huge columns, a 70-foot ceiling and a beautiful skylight, the Rotunda exudes elegance and charm. It’s funny, Mary Grace is far from being a girly-girl, but even she was inspired to dance her way through the Rotunda. It was her idea to ask Daddy to dance and what I captured in this picture will forever be one of my favorite memories.

As Miller and Mary Grace sat down at the grand piano, I had to wonder how many famous fingers have graced those same keys. Notable musicians who have stayed at The Jefferson include: Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, The Rolling Stones, James Taylor, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and Tricia Yearwood (just to name a few.) In addition to those individuals, many celebrities and 13 United States Presidents have also stayed at The Jefferson.

Miller felt right at home strolling the impressive halls!

The Hotel is home to a very impressive art collection which we enjoyed viewing. And there is also a room dedicated to the history of the hotel.


When you visit The Jefferson, you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to swim in the indoor pool- a highlight for both kids!


One of Miller’s favorite history facts about the hotel is that alligators used to live in the Palm Court Lobby. Today the only alligators you will find at the hotel are either  stuffed toys or bronzed statues!


We stayed in one of the newly renovated Grand Premier Rooms. It was spacious and comfortable. The attention to detail in every inch of the room was impressive!

DSC_1700 - Copy

Don’t miss the beautiful view of downtown Richmond out the window (and the fact that both kids are in the bathtub!)

Maybe Mary Grace and Miller’s favorite feature of the entire hotel- the ability to watch TV in the bathroom mirror! Miller wanted to know if his mirror at home worked the same way.

 The Jefferson is the epitome of elegance and grace, and yet there is still an atmosphere of warm comfort. My kids felt right at home. The staff members are far and away among the best in the industry. From the moment you set foot on the property, you are greeted with smiles and hospitality. Several staff members learned our children’s names and engaged in silly banter with both of them.

The staff- and a few other guests- laughed with delight as my son (newly 4) walked into the lobby and loudly exclaimed “Look! The Statue of Liberty!” as he saw the statue of Thomas Jefferson.

Mary Grace and Miller were not only welcomed at The Jefferson, but they were enjoyed! As one staff member noted, the history of The Jefferson includes children and they love having them at the Hotel.


For more information and to book your stay, visit their website.

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