The World Is A Book…

A picture from our recent trip to Ireland.

What are your thoughts on that quote?

As my children grow older, I’ve realized how valuable their life experiences are to their education. We’ve not only read about places far away, but we’ve explored them too. Although they can’t possibly relate to every place ever written about, I think their experiences up to this point have given them a strong foundation.

I’m often amazed at how many different places they identify with and remember back to specific travel adventures. We love the concept of Worldschool and I hope that as the kids get older, they appreciate their education too!

Similar to reading a good book, I think one thing I love about travel is that it actually makes you want to travel more. I’ve found that every time we return from a trip, my kids are eager to find out when the next one will happen. They have also gotten much more involved in the planning process as they discover the adventures that interest them!

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