I am a TOTAL sucker for beach pictures.

I love them, and I can honestly say I love taking them. There is nothing cuter than kids on a beach. I enjoy capturing all of the beautiful smiles, sandy hands, and precious memories taking place.

I will admit, though, for every good picture I take, there are at least 10 bad ones. When you are at the beach, quantity is my number one tip for getting at least a few pictures that you love! However, there are a few things you can keep in mind to help capture some truly wonderful beach pictures of your family.

6 Tips For Taking Great Beach Pictures

  1. Time of Day: Professional beach photographers book sessions early in the morning, or late in the day. There are a few reasons they do this, but it all has to do with the light. When the sun is overhead there are more shadows on faces, and more squinty eyes (among other technical things!)

          BeachPic6                    BeachPics

2. Away From Water: Some of my favorite beach photographs don’t actually show the ocean. Taking pictures in the Sea Oats is a great way to photograph your family and get some framable beach pictures. A word of caution: it is illegal to mess with the sand dunes so make sure to be as careful as possible. We do not allow our children to climb through those areas as not to disturb them.


3. Candid Shots: The beach is a fabulous place to get candid shots of your children. Most of the time they will be having a blast. I also love looking back on our candid shots because chances are they contain the most memories from that particular trip!

beachpic8 Beach

4. Shoot From Behind: Although I always love pictures where my kids are smiling at the camera with their eyes open, in reality, that’s a pretty hard thing to capture. At the beach I take a lot of pictures from behind. The pictures are equally precious and I don’t have to worry about their smiles or eyes.


5. Go With It: There have been times when I’ve gotten frustrated because the pictures aren’t what I thought they would be…especially when I dress everyone up and ask for just one nice, Christmas-card-worthy, beach picture. Years later you will appreciate the not-so perfect pictures (even if you don’t at the time!)


6. Camera: Not all cameras are created equally. And recently, I’ve had to remind myself that not every picture needs to be taken on my iPhone. If you have a nice camera, use it. You don’t have to use it all day, every day, but you should take it down to the beach at least once or twice on your vacation.


Do you have a favorite beach picture? If so, what makes it so special?

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