A guest post from Ronald Smith with Tips For RV Camping With Family

Camping is a fun way to construct a closer relationship between parents and kids. You will experience value time for everybody concerned and make many memories together.

Here are a few tips for RV camping with family:

  • Make a Checklist: No matter how well you think you arrange for camping trips there always seems to be something that is forgotten. However, by sitting down as a family and having a conversation about all the items that are important for your camping trip, you can make a checklist in advance of your trip. This will help with getting on the road faster, simpler, and hopefully tension-free.
  • Keep it Neat and Clean: Since your RV is likely smaller than your home, you will become aware of how rapidly mud and clutter pile up. To prevent spending your entire camping trip continuously sweeping the floors, institute a ‘no-shoes’ rule while inside the RV. Or you can get each member of your family a pair of indoor shoes that are worn only in the RV. Slippers, flip flops, clogs, and additional slip-on mode shoes are perfect. You can also bring along an outdoor rug that helps trap dirt before it has a chance to make its way into your camper.
  • Bring Activities For Your Kids: Some great items for kids might include board games, game consoles, DVDs or coloring-in books. You may need to come up with some creative ways to store these kids activities if you are traveling in a smaller RV. To stay organized you may want to store activity items in a clear plastic bin under your RV and rotate them to more accessible areas.

When your RV is not in use by your family, you might want to consider renting it out to make extra money. You will want to think about which items you want to supply as part of the rental (ex. linens, kitchen utensils, pillows, etc.) You can also provide other items for additional fees.

Renting out your RV will not only make your family a little extra money to use on your next trip, but it can also save on storage fees!

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