I am not an intentional procrastinator.

But I am an incredible prioritizer. And so, often that means I leave things to the last minute because I’ve put other priorities first. A great example is preparing for a vacation. Trips are these big sparkly highlights in my schedule and I honestly love most of the tasks required for preparing to go.

However, I tend to do all my other “to-do’s” ahead of the necessary things to travel. And that leaves me in a mad scramble on the day before every trip. I do it to myself every single time.

But, I’m determined not to let that happen this summer. So well in advance of our travel I’ve made myself a series of travel checklists to complete. I believe the deadlines will keep me on track and, if all goes well, I won’t forget to do anything! And, even better, I won’t have to pull an all-nighter on the evening before we leave on our trip!

I’ve decided to share my travel checklist as I go. It’s a two-fold plan. First, I share in the hopes that it helps some of you as you prepare for your summer vacations. And, secondly, it’s going to require my own accountability since I have to take pictures along the way! There won’t really be a way for me to post my travel checklist without actually completing it. Win/Win.

My checklist is going to start 8 weeks out (now) and there will be new ones at: 4 weeks, 1 week, 3 days, and 1 day out from a trip. And then, of course, the day you leave for a trip! I hope you’ll follow along and leave feedback if/when you notice something we should be doing! And, I hope this helps you as much as I hope it helps me!

Travel Checklist : Things To Do 8 Weeks Before A Vacation

  • Major Details: You don’t have to have your entire trip itinerary planned out to the minute at this point…but finalize the major details. 8 weeks out is a good time to book flights, make hotel reservations, car rentals, etc. if you haven’t already done this.
  • Stop Mail: Always make sure you are on the United States Post Office site.
  • Neighbors: Touch base with your neighbors about the dates of your travel. Make arrangements with them to water plants, put out garbage/recycle cans, and check all doors for packages (don’t forget that stopping your mail with the USPS will not prevent UPS or FedEx from delivering).
  • Pets: This is also a great time to make arrangements for your pets with a sitter or boarding facility. Especially during the summer or major holidays, pet boarding places book up quickly! Additionally, you might find that your pet needs updates on vaccines or medical records in order to board. Don’t wait until the last minute to take care of this.
  • Vehicle: If your vehicle will be coming on vacation with you, you’ll definitely want to assess any upcoming maintenance needs. Plan ahead and book your oil change, tire rotation, and tune up!
  • Clothing/Shoes: Although it’s way too early to actually start packing, now is a good time to make sure your closets are up to date with trip needs…especially your kids’ since they change sizes so frequently. 8 weeks before a trip is a great time to shop for new shoes, bathing suits, etc.
  • Essentials: This is also a good time to place an order for trip essentials that you know you’ll need (I’ll share my list next week as I place my order!) This might include things like camera memory card, sunscreen, or a National Parks Passport Book.
  • Entertainment Items: Last, but not least. Begin to hide away entertainment items for your children. Whether you’re driving or flying, the will need things that keep them busy. I have a spot in my house where I begin to store carry-on size entertainment items.  Even if the items aren’t new, after being “hidden” for 8 weeks they will feel new once we depart on our trip!

Travel Checklist: 8 Weeks Before Trip

What other to-do’s can you cross off your list 8 weeks before a trip?

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