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Shortly after starting my photography business I got the opportunity of a lifetime. Someone local to me found my photography page and got in contact about an opportunity to travel with them and document their experience for a project they were working on. I couldn’t help but jump at the thought of getting paid to travel! After all, it was something that had always been a part of my end goal.

I accepted the offer and started preparing my life for two years abroad.

After packing all of my camera equipment, I knew that I needed to be as minimal as possible with everything else. Aside from clothes and my photography gear, the gadgets I brought along needed to have multiple uses to ensure I could pack as lightly as possible.

Here are the 4 travel items that I found to be priceless during my trek across the world…

Baltic Amber Necklaces

My sister originally bought a Baltic Amber necklace for her first-born who had a terrible go with teething. She swore by the product! And realized that they can be used by anyone (any age!) because of amber’s wide range of healing properties.

Baltic Amber gets its name from the region it’s located in. For centuries, amber has been used by countries bordering the Baltic Sea to alleviate a multitude of ailments, such as headaches, pregnancy-related aches and pains, teething, and joint inflammation. Amber contains succinic acid, which is the key medicinal component. Succinic acid acts like an anti-inflammatory that is also packed full of antioxidants, making it Nature’s Ibuprofen and Multivitamin.

Instead of having to keep up with several different medicine bottles, I wore a Baltic Amber necklace for two years straight. I realized almost immediately that I suffered from less headaches, and the neck aches that I used to get from carrying my camera gear around.

Power Strip

This may sound odd to you, and probably like something extra that could have been left at home. After all, surely you’ll be staying places with outlets, right? True, but will you be staying in places that have multiple outlets that can handle multiple devices at one time? How I prepared for this was purchasing a power strip that I could plug into one available in the room, adding 3-4 extra plugins from that one outlet. It’s compact, so it didn’t take up much space in my luggage, but it also allowed me to plug in my camera, my phone, my computer, my internet, and a multitude of other things, where I would have only been able to charge about half of my equipment at once.

The power strip also allows for everything to be in one place, which is so beneficial when travelling all the time. Nobody wants to forget a charger in their hotel room!

Adapter or Converter

Bouncing off the power strip, I also packed a bag full of adapter or converters. If you have ever traveled abroad then you know that you can’t just plug an American product into a European outlet. I was shocked when I traveled out of the country for the first time and couldn’t plug my laptop into the wall.

I had to go out the next morning and hunt down a wall adapter so that I could actually work. I wasn’t going to make that mistake twice! I researched every country we would be making a stop in and bought an adapter or converter that would work. This allowed me to never lose connectivity and to document our journeys. I would have been out of a job if I couldn’t use my phone, camera, or laptop!


Now this one is going to sound strange, right? I actually found this one while researching ways to minimize your check-in bag while taking a long-term trip. Bandanas were actually one of the top suggestions made by photographers in the group the question was posted in. Bandanas can be used for a wide range of things, such as a hobo bag to keep all your loose items in while on a day trip, to making a makeshift pillow by tying it around your hoodie or jacket.

Bandanas can be used to clean your photography equipment such as your lenses, your camera, and even your own face. The uses for bandanas are endless! (They’re almost as good as duck tape!)

Everything that I packed I made sure had multiple uses. This allowed me to pack lighter and allowed for less opportunity for losing things.

What are your must-have travel items for long-term trips?

Jenn Sanders currently works as a marketing assistant at Baltic Wonder, a company that is dedicated to the health and well-being of infants. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and outdoor adventures.

Mom With A Map is super excited to partner with Baltic Wonder for a follow up post to this one. I will be wearing a Baltic Amber necklace on our upcoming trip and I look forward to writing about it! Stay tuned…

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