It’s hard to believe we’re kicking off the year 2018 (I mean, weren’t we JUST debating whether the start of Y2K would wipe out all the computer grids or something crazy like that?) Anyway, I could not be more excited to start a new year and set some exciting travel resolutions.

One thing I love about resolution setting is that it gives us the chance to sit down as a family and evaluate what’s important to us. Our post-Christmas road trip provided the perfect opportunity to discuss everyone’s interests and goals. This year- more than ever before- Brent and I felt like it was important to make sure travel is something both kids want to make a priority.

Although travel has been a way of life for our family, there are more and more things vying for our attention. Between friendships, school obligations and sports teams- we occasionally end up having to miss special things due to our travel schedule. Of course, we try to plan around everything we can…but with more and more getting added to our calendar, it’s inevitable that travel causes us to occasionally miss a friend’s birthday party or baseball game.

At ages 10 and 6, we felt like Mary Grace and Miller were old enough to weigh the pros and cons of our family’s travel schedule. And I’m happy to report- without hesitation- they both value travel more than anything else. So…looks like we’re gearing up for another exciting year of seeing the world!

We also asked for their input into our travel resolutions. We want to encourage their desire to explore AND we were blown away by their creative, and awesome ideas. It was fun to hear what they loved (and want to repeat) from past experiences. But they also did some great, outside-the-box thinking!

I am LOVING filling up my new May Designs Agenda!

So, with that- here are our 2018 Travel Resolutions:

  1. Big Road Trip (4,000+ miles)
  2. 3 New States
  3. 2 New Baseball Stadiums (Miller’s top priority)
  4. 2 new zoos or aquariums (Mary Grace’s idea)
  5. 1 48-hour (or more) kidless vacation
  6. 1 educational/historical trip
  7. a new beach (at least 1!)
  8. 5 places where we have family living other than NC
  9. 5 new stamps in our National Park Passport Book
  10. 1 electronics free trip

Hopefully this goes without saying, but when I use the word “new” I really mean “new to us” (as in, we’ve never been there together as a family!)

As evidenced by our resolutions, we are really focusing on exploring more of the country. Since the kids are getting older, we’re also going to incorporate more world school learning into our trips. Up to this point, we’ve visited a lot of places and then learned about them in our history curriculum. Although it’s been great to have that foundation going into education, I think going forward we’ll reverse the process a little bit.

What are your 2018 travel resolutions?

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