As we’ve been traveling across the country with our kiddos, I’ve been doing my best to write travel journal updates about our experiences. Lots more specific posts to come. But these give you a quick idea of how we spent our days on the road.

If you missed them, check out these links: Day 1-3 Getting Underway; Day 4-6 Texas; Day 7-8 Okalhoma; Day 9-10 Albuquerque, New Mexico; Day 11-12, The Southwest.

Here’s how we spent our time in two of my favorite cities: Moab and Denver

As I mentioned in my last post, Moab was so unexpectedly awesome! We had the best time exploring the town and already have about 20 things on the list to do next time we’re there. (And we’ll definitely need to spend at least a week!)

Even after the late night in Moab, we decided to set our alarms and get to Arches National Park early. Not only did we want to maximize our day, but the crowds and temperatures are both lower early in the morning!

Arches was so much fun to explore. Even just driving through the park we got to see a lot of very famous rock formations (ones you see photographed often!) and we hiked the short distance to Sand Dune Arch.

Although I would have loved to have hiked to Delicate Arch, it just wasn’t in the cards for this trip. They say it takes about 4 hours round trip…but that doesn’t take into account a Miller. Based on his mood, he could either do that hike in less than 2 hours (and we surely would have lost him because no one else has that kind of energy.) Or it would have taken him 9 hours and I would have carried him for at least half of it.

Delicate Arch is at the top of our “to do” list for next time- when Miller is (hopefully) a little more predictable!

We made a somewhat impulsive decision to spend a couple of extra hours at Arches and pass on trying to squeeze in Canyonlands National Park. I know we will regret not getting there! But the kids were begging to complete their Junior Ranger books and they were very enthusiastic about spending more time at Arches.

I think the only thing that finally convinced the kids to leave Arches was the promise that we’ll return soon!

Then we were on our way to Denver.

This part of the drive was easily the most beautiful one we’d encountered yet. The mountains went from very dry and desert-like to incredibly green with snow on top! I don’t even think the kids asked for their electronics at all during that drive!

We made a quick stop at The Colorado National Monument. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this.

The park (which, I’m starting to get REALLY confused on how the National Park System defines their different parks and what makes places a monument vs. just a park?? And yes, I used the word park 3 times in that sentence!) Anyway, the park is really just a huge scenic area where you can view the beautiful Colorado mountains.

In all honesty, we probably could have done without driving through there since it looked about the same as the rest of our drive to Denver. However, we got another stamp in our Passport To Your National Parks book so I’m not complaining.

Denver was truly the inspiration behind the whole trip, and we were SO excited to arrive!

Mary Grace and Miller are obsessed with their cousins! We’ve been to visit them a few times in Denver, but it had been quite a while. Everyone was so excited to be together.

We spent our time in Denver just hanging out at their houses, enjoying home-cooked food, swimming and just catching up on everything (from conversations with family to sleep to laundry!) There are so many fun things to do in Denver! But we really wanted to be able to relax and enjoy being with family so we didn’t do many formal activities.

However, it’s Miller’s goal to visit all the baseball stadiums. So, since the Rockies were in town, we did go to Coors Field for a game. (Sponsored Post, more to come on that!)

Our time in Denver flew by and we reluctantly started packing up the car again. Brent and I both agree, Moab and Denver are two of our favorite cities. We’ll be planning to return to both soon!

Leaving Denver we headed to Wyoming…and I’ll pick up with our adventures there in my next Travel Journal!

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