Road Trip Printables

Many families will hit the road this spring. Road trips can be fun, educational and exciting or they can be boring and miserable. Honestly, I believe as parents we set the stage. Having fresh, new activities for kids can really make a road trip enjoyable!


Amanda at Not A Ballerina put together an amazing resource for finding all kinds of printable travel worksheets for kids. Many of her suggested sheets require thoughtful reflection and incorporate experiences from the trip itself. For example- under the link “journal page to describe the day” you will find an awesome printable for kids to record their daily experiences while on the trip.

Also, some of the printouts require participation from the whole family. My personal favorite is a huge list of “would you rather.” If you’ve never played this game with your kids, you absolutely MUST print out this sheet. It’s so much fun to hear their answers!

You can view Amanda’s entire post and access all of the printables here.

I can’t wait to get a huge stack of these ready for our next road trip!

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