Earlier this summer we went on our huge road trip through the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern states. I shared tons of trip pictures on our various social media accounts. At the time I felt like I was truly capturing and sharing our trip. However, a few days ago I was talking to a friend about our trip and she made the comment: “I want to travel with you guys. Our trips NEVER go as smoothly as yours.”

I sat on her words for a bit. Oh, if she could just be a fly on the wall throughout our travel. It’s certainly NOT free from mishaps, problems, and major breakdowns! As I post on social media I never intend to misrepresent how the trip actually goes. But I’m also not one to rehash every little problem. At the end of the day, the good outweighs the bad a million times over. I realize how blessed we are to be able to travel with our kids and our “problems” are totally first world!

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That being said, I thought I’d be a little more transparent for this post and give you a glimpse into our vacation misadventures.

Here are just a few I remember (and, I’m CERTAIN there were a ton more I selectively blocked from memory!):

  • The Midnight Mishap: First night of our trip we opted to get a good portion of the drive behind us. We arrived at our hotel well past midnight with two sleeping children. Brent ran in, checked us in and then we proceeded to drive through parking deck searching for best spot. Finding a great spot close to the elevator we began strategically loading our arms with everything we’d need for the next 6 hours. We woke Mary Grace up just enough to lead her, and I threw Miller on my shoulder. Tiptoeing to the door we found that our key hadn’t been properly activated so we piled back into the car and wound our way back up 3 levels of parking deck to the lobby level. After the key activation we proceeded back down to our great spot, rode the elevator up to our room and walked in- exhausted! I gently set a sleeping Miller on the bed relieved that he’d slept through the adventure. And then Brent pointed out we only had 1 bed- not the 2 that we’d booked. Honestly, I was so tired I would have slept on the floor, but Brent wasn’t as enthusiastic about that idea. So we rallied the troop (Mary Grace was slumped over against the wall) and headed back to the lobby to exchange rooms. It was ANYTHING but an ideal start to our trip!

    In the lobby at 1AM waiting on a new room!

  • Meltdown at Fenway: Our night at Fenway was fabulous. And honestly, I might have forgotten about this horrible 5 minutes if I hadn’t written the memory down in my journal. My kids are at the age where they’re fairly manageable and stories like this are rare for us these days. But that night Brent and I decided to split up in search of food. Both kids stuck with me and appeared very helpful as we loaded up on food, snacks and drinks. We all had our hands full when suddenly Miller decided he didn’t want to walk anymore. Like, he was done. So here I am standing in a crowded stadium- with a 5-year old throwing a huge tantrum. My hands are full and my patience is low. He literally refused to budge so I attempted to pick him up. And I ended up dropping everything. The good news is that someone took pity on me and ended up picking up all our stuff and helping me to our seat. (5 minutes later Brent came strolling up with his food wondering why I looked so frazzled- of course by then the kids had eaten and were perfect angels…don’t you love how that always happens!)
  • Throw Up: I probably don’t need to say anything more about this topic. I’ll leave you with the knowledge that it happened not one morning, but TWO!
  • Sound Asleep at Welcome Sign: So these pictures were great for a laugh on social media. And, now that I’m looking back I realize they are awesome memories. However, at the time I was NOT thrilled. Miller fell asleep right before we passed the “Welcome To Maryland” sign. Although I rarely recommend waking a sleeping child, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take the picture. At one point (as he’s laying on the ground), Brent suggested we just get the picture on the way home when we traveled back through Maryland. Yep. That didn’t occur to me before I had him out of the car!

    Not my best idea.

  • Revolving door: This is- hands down- my favorite “blooper” moment. I should probably be horrified, but it makes me laugh! I wish I had a video, but I’ll try to set the scene. You know those revolving doors? Well, my kids love them AND know how to use them properly. But on one particular day in Boston, they lost their minds. Miller went in first, followed by Mary Grace. When I saw Miller stay in (as in, he didn’t exit into the restaurant, he kept going around)- I let a stranger go right behind Mary Grace so I could intercept Miller. However, when Mary Grace realized Miller didn’t get out she attempted to stop and reverse the whole revolving door. She starts yelling at Miller to get out. I’m outside yelling at her to stop holding the revolving door. Meanwhile, she’s successfully trapped this random guy in the revolving door and EVERYONE is looking at us because we’re all yelling. At the time I was super embarrassed, but as I told the story to Brent later that night I couldn’t get through it without uncontrollable laughter.

 What are your most memorable vacation misadventures?

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