I think it’s very possible that I could travel every day for the next 10 years and still not visit every place on my wish list. Admittedly, my list is ridiculously long. So it’s not as though I’m actively looking for ways to make it longer. But I just stumbled on a list with 50 more places to add to my list!

As I sat down to write the name of each place on the appropriate state’s bucket list, my husband came into the room. He always gets nervous when he sees me adding to the master list. He comments often that ironically the more we travel the longer the list gets. Naturally, you’d expect the opposite to be true. But seemingly for every place we cross off, I add at least 5 new ones.

I saw the skepticism on Brent’s face as I flipped through each state. But then I shared what I was adding: the oldest restaurant in every state. Suddenly he was less annoyed and more intrigued. As a family, we LOVE checking out new places to eat. And we especially like when we can eat at unique and local establishments.

Typically we use the app Yelp to help us make food selections (read more here.) Yelp is a fantastic way to find food reviews from other travelers. You can also browse specific menu recommendations, pictures of what you can expect, and any tips for visiting. As much as we love Yelp, we also enjoy having a specific restaurant as a destination when we travel. Using this list of the oldest restaurant in every state, we will look forward to trying many different styles of food- from Mexican to Chinese.

Many of the establishments on the East Coast have ties to the Revolutionary War. And a lot of the restaurants across the country are in very historic buildings. Besides trying the famous fare, I look forward to seeing all the awesome architecture and learning the history of each place. Many boast very famous diners from centuries ago!

Read through the complete list here.

Pretty cool to think we’ve eaten in the same place as some of our nation’s founding fathers!

Out of all 50 places, our family has only visited 1. Last summer we dined at The Union Oyster House in Boston, Massachusetts. I am really looking forward to incorporating the other 49 places into our future travels!

Have you ever dined at a memorable restaurant during your travels?

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