There once was a state that I wasn’t overly excited about visiting. We’ll just call the state West Virginia…because, well, that’s what it’s called. At the risk of offending someone I have to say that on a scale of 1-50, this one was my 50.


    However, in the spirit of taking our kids to all 50 states, I was determined to find something we could do in West Virginia. Skiing was out as this particular trip would take place in the middle of summer. After a little bit of research I found New River Gorge, part of the National Park System. New River Gorge is home to one of the world’s longest arch-bridges and it’s also the historic image on the state quarter.


Setting out we certainly had low expectations for West Virginia. However, a few hours and we were totally sold. The beautiful landscape, fresh air and charming little towns made us long for more days to explore the state.

As it turned out, West Virginia has been one of my favorite states that we’ve visited to date. It’s gorgeous!! I’m genuinely looking forward to many trips back and to seeing more of the state.


Have you ever been on a trip you enjoyed more than you expected?

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