Best Pizza in America

Have you ever wondered where you can find the best pizza in America?

Today we were watching The Food Network. At some point a show called Top 5 Restaurants came on and naturally, we had to tune in because the topic was pizza.

Amazing pizza from Vinnie Van Go-Go in Savannah, GA.

So apparently after extensive research (side note: who gets that job and how can I apply?) Anyway, after extensive research, the Food Network names the Top 5 Pizzas in America. My kids were absolutely glued to the TV- you would have thought they were watching Paw Patrol or something!

As we all sat there drooling, my kids kept saying “let’s go there!” And so, I’m thinking we may need to adjust our travel goals! I don’t typically pick our destinations based on food, but maybe I should start!

Click here to read about the top 5 pizza places in America.

Has anyone been to any of these? Also, I’m curious- where is your favorite pizza place? (We may need to visit soon!)

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