Jul 23 2020

The One Where We Spent A Week At The Disney of Boating, Jarrett Bay

If you are a fan of sport fishing, you’ve likely ...

Jul 19 2020

The One Where We Went To The Emergency Room

Well...the emergency room wasn't exactly where we thought we'd start ...
The Products we use the most while living on the boat

Jul 16 2020

The One With The Unexpected Products We Use The Most Living On A Boat

As a travel blogger I've shared tons of packing tips ...
grilling some ribs on a boat

Jul 9 2020

The One Where I Explain Cooking On A Boat

I've realized quickly that when an ordinary family of 4 ...
The Time It started raining and never stopped

Jul 13 2020

The One Where It Started Raining And Never Stopped

I think my kids will forever tell stories of boat ...
My kids are total beach bums.

Jul 6 2020

The One Where We Brought our Home, “home” to Hilton Head

Of all the places in the world that we've dreamed ...