Sep 15 2020

The One About East Coast Boating

We spent 75 days this summer boating the East Coast. ...

Sep 8 2020

The One I Can’t Believe I’m Writing: Boat Bathroom 101

Y'all would not believe how many texts and emails I ...
Tangier Island in the Middle of the Chesapeake Bay

Aug 31 2020

The One Where We Explored The Chesapeake Bay

If you read my last post (Getting Our Boat Through ...

Aug 25 2020

The One Where We Got Our Boat Through Canada

There is so much to this story. Hope, heartache, big ...

Aug 17 2020

The One With The Big Decision

Heading north on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) out of North ...

Aug 14 2020

The One With Sunsets and Chardonnay

Living on a boat sounds super glamorous- sounds being the ...