Delta Flight Museum- Atlanta, Ga

My kids have a *slight* obsession with airplanes.

They love everything about them- riding on them, being at the airport, and watching them fly overhead. They even know every word to the the Disney movie, Planes (and it’s sequel, Planes Fire Rescue!) So when I found out Delta had opened its Flight Museum up to the public, I knew we had to put that on the travel itinerary!

The Delta Flight Museum is located in Atlanta, Georgia adjacent to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

The Museum is contained in two old hangers. On one side, you have more of the historical exhibits where you will learn the history of the airline industry and how Delta evolved into one of the leading airlines. The display cases are full of interesting artifacts, and there are several real planes on display in that hanger.

The displays are organized well, and grouped in an easy way for kids to understand. There are also great stories and facts documented to read as we walked through the Museum.

The other hanger contains a more modern experience of Delta and the airline industry. To move between hangers you pass through a sound tunnel. The sound evolves from the original prop sound, to a more modern engine.

One of our favorite stories was about The Spirit of Delta plane that is on display in the Museum. The Boeing 767 was purchased for $30 million dollars by employees.

At the Museum you can actually board the Spirit of Delta.

View the cockpit (no armored door!)

The original first class seats were left on plane.

The rest of the plane is devoted to display cases.

The kids loved this particular display case with all the different models of planes flown by Delta over the years.

We also really enjoyed seeing the various uniforms worn over the years. Because Delta is headquartered in Atlanta and Atlanta was home to the 1996 Olympics, there is a lot of special memorabilia.

Another highlight of the museum is the real-time screens showing airport traffic.

We were able to watch all the airplanes moving around at the Atlanta airport, and also watch world maps to see where planes were currently flying. If there was a TV channel at home that played this, my kids would watch it all the time! Even I have to admit, it was a little addicting.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Museum! If you ever find yourself with a long layover in Atlanta, you could easily leave the terminal and visit the Delta Flight Museum for a couple of hours!

The Delta Flight Museum is nonprofit. Be sure to check the events calendar on their website prior to your visit as the museum does close for private events.

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