21 Free (or Inexpensive) Things To Do At The Beach

As spring break and summer approach, one of the most fun and affordable vacations is a trip to the beach. Although you will still incur the cost of travel, lodging and food- entertainment is virtually free!

Personally, I need no prompting on how to enjoy myself on a beach for days on end. Likewise, my children play easily without much encouragement. I think it’s safe to say that we’re beach-people! However, that’s not the case for everyone. For that reason, many touristy beaches have all sorts of activities to draw you away from the sand. These attractions also come with a cost! What could have been a relatively inexpensive trip will add up fast if you start paying for activities.

In order to avoid the temptation of these attractions, keep this list of suggestions handy. Often by encouraging children with a new idea, they are able to enjoy hours of play. Keep the activities fresh and allow children to use their imagination to embellish your ideas. Additionally, use beach play as a fun educational tool. Many of the suggestions provided will not only be enjoyable, but will help kids learn through play.

A RARE moment that my child sits down at the beach! We stay SO active!

21 Free (or inexpensive) things to do at the beach:

  1. 1. Build Sandcastles
Mary Grace loved to build sandcastles for her dolls!
  1. 2. Collect Shells
  2. 3. Jump Waves
So much joy jumping waves.
  1. 4. Make Sand Footprint Stepping Stones
  2. 5. Make a Volcano
Love doing science experiments on the beach!
  • 6. Chase Birds
For the record, we’ve never actually caught one.
  • 7. Make Sand Angels
Making sand angels is infinitely better than snow angels!
  1. 8. Long Walk
  2. 9. Play Ball
Playing catch at the beach is always fun!
  1. 10. Relay Race
  2. 11. Write Words/Letters in the Sand
The sand is a wonderful canvas for practicing new writing skills.
  1. 12. Make a Sundial
  2. 13. Treasure Hunt
5 steps away from the sticks- digging where “X” marks the spot…
She found some buried jewels!
  1. 14. Catch Crabs
  2. 15. Fly A kite (I am a huge fan of the one in the link!)
  3. 16. Create an Obstacle Course
  4. 17. Go fishing
  5. 18. Build a Monster Truck Track
My son could play on his track for hours!
  • 19. Dig a Hole (Be sure to fill it in at the end of the day!)
Try to dig to China.
  1. 20. Snorkel
  2. 21. Watch The Sun Rise/Set
Likely my two favorite parts of the day- sunrise and sunset! And, it’s a great time to take pictures!

What are your favorite beach activities?

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