The Museum of Science: Boston, Massachusetts

One of the downfalls that comes from traveling a lot is getting high standards. When you have a huge number of places to compare to, you can’t help but measure everything against the best. Our family visits science centers all over the country. It likely goes without saying, but we’ve been to A LOT of great ones. However, The Museum of Science in Boston raised the bar.

Last month our family had the opportunity to visit Boston. As I searched for family-friendly activities in the area I found no shortage of possibilities. The Museum of Science jumped out as a place my children would certainly enjoy. Exploring their website (here) I knew we’d need to allot at least half a day exploring the expansive museum. Unfortunately, that’s where I made some wrong assumptions. After a full day, I had to drag my kids out kicking and screaming (practically) and only because the Museum was closing. Open to close should be the minimum amount of time you plan to spend here!

Shadows are always so much fun!

Upon sharing these sentiments with a good (and also well traveled) friend, she wanted to know exactly what made this Boston museum so fabulous. Here are just a handful of the things that came to mind that I shared with her:

  • It’s clean and organized. Coming from a Type-A, germaphobic mom- this is the highest compliment!
  • The Museum of Science is bursting with facts, experiments and demonstrations. But the layout of the Museum allows every area to feel intimate and personal.
  • It somehow gears everything to all ages. My 5-year old was as engaged as my 9-year old. And even I learned, played and explored with interest.
  • The demonstrations are awesome and so fun! One of our favorites was learning all about a skunk- while observing a live one! Another favorite was about how Hollywood has accurately (or inaccurately) predicted the future. The presentation captivated all of us!
  • The Museum of Science makes learning really fun. Without a doubt each of my children took away some facts and lessons that will stick with them forever.
So busy playing that they have no idea they’re learning!

Lastly, probably the top reason I loved The Museum of Science is because the content was fresh. As I mentioned, we’ve been to a lot of science centers so I thought we’d really seen it all. And yet, there were SO many things here that we’ve never run into before.

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite- but the thing my daughter can’t stop talking about (and tells EVERYONE) is the cup and water temperature experiment. She tested a Styrofoam cup vs a paper cup with both hot and cold water. I won’t spoil the results, but I can say there was a clear winner!

If you’re planning to be in the Boston area, The Museum of Science is a place you don’t want to miss! For more information and to plan your visit, go to their website.

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