Who Wants To Have A Wild Adventures Kind of Day?

Of all the activities we do when we travel, probably the most memorable things are the ones I’d describe as wild adventures. And so, when I found out there was a theme park in South Georgia with that exact name – Wild Adventures – I knew our family needed to check it out.

It would be easy to label the place as “off the beaten path” due to it’s location in a small city (Valdosta) on the Georgia/Florida border. However, it’s quite the opposite! Interstate 75 runs straight through Valdosta so I’d be willing to bet if you’ve ever driven to Disney World- you’ve driven right by it!

We’ve driven by numerous times. But I guarantee, my children will NEVER again let us pass through Valdosta without stopping at Wild Adventures!

Throughout our travels, we visit a lot of theme parks. None of them can be compared to Wild Adventures. It’s- by far- the most unique theme park we’ve visited to date.

Here are a few things that make the place so special:

  • All in One: It is a theme park, water park, zoo, circus and conservation area all rolled up into one. I’ve never been anywhere else where I can ride a daring roller coster, witness a man playing with tigers, play miniature golf and then ride a train through a wildlife preserve- all within the hour!
  • Family-Friendly: With children ages 6 and 10, our happiness at theme parks is based almost entirely on how many activities we can enjoy together as a family. We really struggle when the majority of the rides have height restrictions/limits and my two kids can’t be together on anything. At Wild Adventures they were able to do about 90% of the rides together. This is HUGE for us! 
  • Ride Diversity: It has such a range of rides that there is absolutely something for everyone! There are extremely thrilling roller coasters, more mild roller coasters (i.e. ones my 6-year old could go on without feeling like he was on a “baby” ride), and then a huge variety of non-roller coaster rides. There are also a lot of rides designed for the youngest guests. The rides are sprinkled all throughout the park so families are able to stay close together, even if they are going on different rides.
  • Animal Collection: Oh my goodness, we had NO idea what we were in store for when we started our day. My daughter held about 10 different birds (her highlight of the day), we saw the oldest elephant, and almost got peed on by a tiger. I mean, where else can you say this happens? In addition, we learned SO many new animal facts (which is rare for us because we are pretty well-versed on animals!) 
  • Food: If you follow us on social media, you know that food is a pretty big part of our travel. We’re big fans of eating unique and local. I don’t like to have a bad meal on vacation. Usually at theme parks you end up with the traditional overpriced food. But, this park has a ton of great choices! The worst part of the day was trying to decide what treat to get because there were so many great choices. (I *think* we picked well!) 

I can’t say enough great things about our day at Wild Adventures. We will definitely plan to return on all future trips to Florida!

A few more tips and things to know before you plan your trip:

  • There are some FABULOUS concerts! And, guess what? The concert is included in your regular daily ticket price. We will definitely plan our next visit on a concert date. 
  • In addition to concerts, there always seems to be something special going on. Once again, most of the special events are included in the price of your ticket.
  • There is an incredible water park area, Splash Island, that is ALSO included with the price of your ticket! This portion of the park is obviously seasonal, but such a fun place to spend part of the day. I highly recommend starting your day in that section and then visiting the rides and animals in the afternoon. Almost everyone does it the other way around, and so you’ll avoid the  most crowds if you flip flop.
  • Don’t miss the Tiger Show! It was my favorite part of the day and unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. Word to the wise though, don’t sit in the first 3 rows. These are technically in the “splash zone” and you are likely to get peed on! 
  • There is a huge area of picnic tables in the parking lot. They are shaded and in a convenient location. If you want to save a little money, you can easily pack a cooler and exit the park to eat lunch. They will stamp your arm, and you can re-enter whenever you want that day. 
  • You can, however, bring water bottles into the park. I recommend putting them in a backpack which makes them very easy to carry- along with sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and cameras. Most of the rides will ask that you put all your loose articles on a shelf. I found that having a backpack to grab made it very easy to not misplace anything!
  • If you are traveling with your pets, a kennel is available at the front gate of the park.
  • Plan on spending the whole day at Wild Adventures. We were in the park from opening to close, and could have easily stayed longer! This is not a half-day kind of place! 

For more information- including park hours- visit their website.

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