A Visit To Sandia Peak Tramway in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Planning a cross-country trip with 2 children is no easy feat. There’s so much to consider and a lot of variables (personalities) to weigh into the plans.

For the most part my husband, Brent, was thrilled to stay hands-off during the planning stage. He enjoyed hearing about my research and our route. But there was NO WAY he wanted to get involved in the many details. If he had opinions, he mostly kept them to himself.

However, he made it clear that Sandia Peak Tramway was the one non-negotiable detail of our trip. We HAD to do it.

I mentioned in my Travel Journal Brent grew up traveling to Albuquerque to visit his grandparents. Apparently the greatest treat on these trips (aside from raking the rocks!) was a trip up Sandia Peak on the tram. His memories include the 2.7 mile ride up the mountain and the breathtaking views from the top. He couldn’t wait to give our children (and me) this unique experience.

We decided to experience the Sandia Peak Tramway in the early evening. We wanted to get up the mountain in the daylight in time to hike around a bit. But we also wanted to view the sunset from the top of the mountain. The tram’s hours change based on the season, so be sure to double check before planning your visit.

At the base of the mountain there is a beautiful restaurant, Sandiago’s. Also, located near the ticket counter is a fabulous gift shop. We enjoyed picking up a few souvenirs and postcards while we waited to board the tram.

The tram travels up and down the mountain (there are 2 cars that run on the same cable) about every 20-30 minutes. The ride itself takes about 15 minutes. We enjoyed boarding early to get a prime spot!

The cars are brand new and rode much smoother than I expected.

Mary Grace and Miller found this ride extremely exciting! They loved looking down at the landscape far below and cheered as we neared the top of the mountain.

The peak is located at 10,378 feet and the views do not disappoint!

Our family enjoyed hiking around and taking in all of the many views. Off one side you see the city, and another is just a few of the mountains. In another direction you will find the ski slopes- abandoned during the spring/summer season!

The temperature in Albuquerque that day was stifling. We spent much of the day hot and sweaty! As we dressed for the evening it was hard to imagine being cold. My daughter even refused to change into jeans (parenting fail! I should have insisted!) I also opted to take my lightweight raincoat instead of a heavier fleece jacket. And we were FREEZING!

The temperatures at the peak can be as much as 30 degrees cooler than the base. But the wind is what really makes it necessary to have proper clothing. We will definitely come more prepared next time.

However, even the temperatures couldn’t dampen our enjoyment of the view! We loved watching the sun set and the city lights come alive. I can see now why this was such a memorable childhood experience for Brent!

Our family truly loved our experience at the Sandia Peak Tramway. We look forward to one day returning to Albuquerque, New Mexico. A visit to the Tramway will definitely be at the top of our list. For more information and to plan your trip, visit their website.

*This post was sponsored by Sandia Peak Tramway. All of the pictures and opinions found in this post are uniquely that of Mom With A Map.*

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