College Football Stadiums: The Ultimate Bucket List For Every Fan

Whether you’re a huge fan of the game, or you just enjoy visiting new places (or both, like me!)- here is the ultimate bucket list of College Football Stadiums.

Nothing makes watching college football more exciting than a chill in the air, and a killer venue!

And since this past weekend the South got its first taste of fall weather (and apparently, other areas of the country got their first taste of winter!), I thought I’d share a bucket list of the best venues in the country.

Of course, there are so many factors that go into making a stadium great. The fans contribute- for better or worse- to the overall experience of the game. And then there are all the traditions, the facility itself, and the overall ambiance. If you add to that an interesting stadium location then you’ve truly got the recipe for unforgettable college football stadiums!

While I’ll always be partial to Neyland Stadium (Go VOLS!), I love to experience the atmosphere in other stadiums. It can be a lot of fun to visit, even if your team isn’t playing! And sometimes, especially if your team isn’t playing!

Here are the top college football stadiums to add to your bucket list:

  1. Neyland Stadium (Tennessee): Admittedly, I’m totally biased. But most will agree, with over 100,000 seats, this is one of the premier places to watch college football on a Saturday.
  2. Memorial Stadium (Clemson): Nicknamed “Death Valley” after being constructed in a valley below a cemetery, this stadium boasts an impressive 80,000 seats!
  3. Rose Bowl (UCLA): Perhaps one of the most coveted venues to play in, this stadium with the famous white pillars is known for timeless tradition.
  4. Memorial Stadium (Nebraska): When the Cornhuskers take the field and the seats of this stadium are full, it officially becomes the 3rd largest city in the whole state of Nebraska.
  5. Notre Dame Stadium (Notre Dame): This is the stadium everyone wants to visit based on its prestige and tradition. Plus, millions of people know about Touchdown Jesus and want to get a good view of the iconic mural.
  6. Sanford Stadium (Georgia): There is nothing more charming than the college town of Athens, and nothing more exciting than watching two teams battle it out “between the hedges” that surround this field.
  7. Michigan Stadium (Michigan): Known as “the big house” this massive stadium set the all time college football attendance record back in 2013 with 115,109 people.
  8. Sun Devil Stadium (Arizona): This stadium has arguably the most unique design of any stadium in existence. One side of this stadium is actually built into the side of a mountain.
  9. Vaught-Hemingway Stadium (Ole Miss): Besides the fact that they have the coolest tailgate party in college football at The Grove, the stadium design practically has the first row right in the action on the field.
  10. Husky Stadium (Washington): This odd looking stadium sits right on the shore of Lake Washington and allows for “sailgating” as many fans bring their boats to the game.

Honorable Mentions (Because I am the world’s most indecisive person when narrowing down a travel list!)

  • Michie Stadium (US Military Academy)
  • Kyle Field (Texas A&M)
  • Autzen Stadium (Oregon)
  • Doak Campbell Stadium (Florida State)

If you plan on visiting several college football stadiums, it’s a great idea to invest in a clear plastic purse! Here are a few stadium approved bags (of course, you always want to check each particular stadium’s rules):

What are your favorite college football stadiums to visit?

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