Writing From The Road: Basic Invite Makes It Fun For Kids

Being a homeschool mama does not come naturally to me. I don’t craft or create. And when I attempt anything, I often end up with a major Pinterest-fail.

However, once in a blue moon inspiration strikes. Many times it’s after about 4 failed attempts. I can easily tell people what doesn’t work or what not to do. But being resourceful, I eventually figure something out!

Case in point: Last year I decided that my kids were both old enough to journal our travels. I bought them both adorable blank journals and planned for them to write in them every day. I knew they would have the coolest collection of written memories from their 2018 travels!

Even with the best of intentions for writing from the road, my plan was a total bust.

We ended the year with very empty travel journals.

Unwilling to give up on this idea, I went back to the drawing board as the year began. How could I encourage my children to write about their travels? What would inspire them to record all the awesome memories they make when we’re on the road?

And then it hit me- letters.

Last year we purchased random postcards throughout our travels. The kids would literally fight over space on the postcard. There was always too much to say and not enough space to write. No matter how often we picked up postcards, my kids always had endless stories they wanted to share.

So this year rather than purchasing new travel journals, I decided to invest in some cute personal stationery from Basic Invite for each child.

I customized the cards in their favorite colors AND got to select from over 40 envelope colors to coordinate. The personalized stationary is also just slightly larger than a postcard so it’s not as intimidating as a huge journal page.

My plan is to allow my kiddos to send notes to their grandparents as we travel. And I’ve asked their grandparents to save all of the travel notes. Unbeknownst to my kiddos I plan to compile all of their notes into a little journal to save.

In short: My kids will be writing down all of their memories without me having to force it. Their grandparents will receive fun mail. And at the end of the year, I’ll have a book of written travel memories from the kids. Win/Win/Win!

Oh, and did I mention that writing from the road is a GREAT distraction from electronics? Another win!

Basic Invite has so many fun options to choose from when making personalized stationary. I love all of the fun color options and their designs are really cute. My biggest problem was deciding which to order!

Of course, in addition to stationary, Basic Invite offers a large selection of wedding invitations, business cards, baby announcements, etc.

Right now Basic Invite is offering Mom With A Map readers a 15% off coupon code. Enter 15FF51 at checkout for 15% off your entire order.

I am really looking forward to compiling all of my kids travel memories on their personalized stationary!

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