Daufuskie Island: Where Professional Travelers Vacation

In the last few years our family has visited 44 states and several countries. You could say that we travel with a purpose. Starting (mostly) with all 50 states, we plan to show our kids the world. They’re educated through our travels and enjoy adventure. Sometimes we’re busy planning our next trip even while we’re in the midst of one.

But even families that travel non-stop need a true vacation! And last November we were fortunate enough to find our spot…

Daufuskie Island, South Carolina

Only accessible by boat, the island sits close to the popular destinations of Hilton Head and Savannah. And yet, somehow it feels a million miles away from the rest of the world.

If you missed it, go back and check out the post I did after our first visit: The Island Less Traveled. While the charm of Daufuskie can’t be summarized in words or even pictures, you’ll get a small taste. 1 hour on the Island back in November, and I was already talking to Krissy and Kevin at Island Accommodations about our next visit.

For our family, time on Daufuskie Island is all about unwinding and getting away from our typical travel pace. It’s about slowing down, appreciating small things, and each other.

The seemingly deserted island has just the right amount of nothing. And yet, everything you truly need.

It’s an actual vacation for our family!

Unlike our trips elsewhere, this one took very little planning on my end. I picked a date, and let Krissy handle almost everything else. Island Accommodations does a phenomenal job streamlining the planning process and taking care of the details. From our ferry tickets, to the luggage delivery and golf cart rental- I rested in knowing it would all be handled.

Last time we did not arrange for any food as we wanted to check out the few selections Daufuskie Island has to offer. However, since Brent really enjoys cooking we opted to have groceries delivered this time.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed arriving and having everything I needed!

Of course, our cooking didn’t replace trips to The Melrose Beach Club or Lucy Bell’s (two of our favorite places on Daufuskie!) Let’s just say we ate REALLY well on our vacation.

Another thing we changed up on this trip was not planning anything. With the exception of our dinner reservation at the Beach Club, we did not schedule a thing. Having worked our way through the Daufuskie Bucket List last time, we wanted to be free to do nothing whenever we wanted!

And, I can’t say that I hated it.

Summer on the island is totally different (meaning instead of being the only people on the beach, you might see one or two others!) We loved the freedom to swim in the pool, play on the beach and get lost on the dirt roads. We got up early to watch the sun rise every morning, and stayed up late to view the stars.

And, in between, we soaked in every bit of the Island that we possibly could!

I’m looking forward to sharing more in the coming weeks. Until then, be sure to follow Mom With A Map on social media (Instagram and Facebook) to check out some of our trip photos. If you’re interested in booking a trip, visit the Island Accommodations website to view their vacation rentals and other services.

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*Island Accommodations hosted our trip to Daufuskie Island; However, all of the opinions and experiences written about in this post are uniquely our own.

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