Bangkok: A Destination You Need To Visit

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Bangkok is Thailand’s capital and biggest city.

It is about the same size as London, with more than eight million people living there. But because Thailand is still going through economic development, people are moving from the countryside all the time so the population is still growing fast. 

Let’s take a look at some of the things you’ll want to try while you’re in the country… 

Visit The Grand Palace

If you’re in Bangkok, one of the first places to visit on your list should be the Grand Palace. This structure is perhaps the most famous in the entire city, thanks to its stunning architecture and golden roof embellishments. In the past, the palace was home to the king, but now it is a major tourist attraction, bringing in thousands of visitors every year. 

The palace itself covers a massive area – upwards of 200,000 square feet. So if you plan on visiting it, be sure to leave plenty of time to look around. Block around three hours out of your schedule to experience it. 

Take A Trip On The SkyTrain

Instead of building their transportation system underground, the Thais decided to construct something called the sky train. It’s practically the only way to get around the city and feels a bit like a fast version of a theme park monorail. The sky train is a great option because it provides you with beautiful views of the city while also stopping off at all the major tourist attractions. If you’re staying further out of town, it connects with transit hubs and bus links which can take you out to the suburbs, 

Get A Thai Noodle Salad From A Restaurant

Thailand is famous for its delicious food. And a trip there never disappoints, especially if you belong to a foodie family. 

Thai noodle salad is a classic dish that combines the beautiful flavor of peanuts with noodles and vegetables. It creates a thick, decadent sensation on the palate and is the perfect way to get all the calories that you need after a long and difficult day seeing the sights. 

Chefs usually make Thai noodle salad by first preparing the noodles and then adding all of the ingredients to a wok and cooking in a small amount of oil. The result is a dish that really feels like it comes together beautifully. 

You could also try green papaya fruit salad. Papaya is a fruit that grows all across Thailand. Therefore, it regularly finds its way into the dishes that people in the country like to eat. 

If you sit down in a Bangkok restaurant, look for som tum on the menu. This dish originates from the state of Isaan in the north of the country, and it is one of the most authentic you’ll find when you visit the country.

It’s a bit of a divider too. Some people absolutely love it for its rich fruit taste, while others don’t like its sweet and sour flavor. 

Depending on which restaurant you visit, you’ll get a different set of ingredients included in the dish. Some establishments, for instance, might add chopped peanuts or crab to the mix. Most dishes are inexpensive: great if you’re on a budget

Cruise Along The Chao Phraya River

Sometimes you’ll see Bangkok referred to as the Venice of the East in travel guides. That’s because it’s surrounded by numerous waterways, lined with stunning buildings. Many of the channels are actually man-made canals. But there is also the main Chao Phraya River which offers beautiful views of the city. 

Getting a tour of this area is surprisingly cheap and something that you can do every few minutes using one of the many ferries moored along the river side. It’s also still an active transit route, with more than 50,000 merchants still relying on the canals to deliver goods to their businesses. 

Take A Walk Through Lumpini Park

Just like other major global cities, Bangkok is home to some beautiful parks – most notable, Lumpini. It covers more than half a million square metres and is named after Buddha, born in Nepal.

While this might not be a destination you’ve ever considered, it is certainly one that should be added to everyone’s travel list!

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