3 Must-Haves When Skiing With Kids

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Skiing with kids on vacation does not have to be overwhelming.

It’s a sport that will set kids up for a lifelong passion for the outdoors. One thing that makes skiing with kids such a great vacation activity is that it appeals to all ages. Often at ski resorts you see tiny kids just starting to walk taking lessons and learning. It can also be a skill you build on over years of travel.

We all know that sometimes accidents happen when skiing, but these three top tips are ways that can help put your mind at rest while your children are skiing.

Make sure your child wears a helmet when skiing.

When it comes to safety on the slope, your best way to protect your kids is by requiring them to wear helmets. A helmet will protect their head if there is an impact. No matter the experience level, children should make sure their helmet fits properly and is secure.

There are different types of helmets for different ages of children. The size of your child’s head will determine the size needed. They make baby ski helmets,  youth ski helmets and everything in between. Make sure you go to a reputable shop to try on and buy your children’s ski helmets.

Most resorts rent ski helmets because they are big bulky items, which don’t necessarily fit into suitcases. Make sure to ask about helmet rental when you book the rest of the vacation and rental equipment.

Pack proper, warm clothing when skiing with kids.

There is nothing worse than doing an activity with your children and them complaining that they’re too cold. When skiing, it’s easier to take layers off as you warm up. For kids, you cannot pack enough under clothes. It is better to be over-prepared than underprepared.

Thermals don’t just include tops and trousers. You need to make sure that your child has enough socks too. Good socks will help your child stay warm, prevent blisters, and keep their feet dry.

Don’t Forget Hats and Gloves.

It’s important not to forget waterproof hats and gloves. And knowing that kids easily misplace things, it’s not a bad idea to pack extras. These can be picked up relatively inexpensively from most outdoor shops prior to traveling to resorts (where there are typically markups on everything.)

Notice there were no scarves mentioned. This is because there can be real safety issues with skiing with scarfs when skiing. However, you can get items like neck warmers. These significantly reduce the safety risk for your children skiing.

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