Water Vacation: How and Why They Work

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Days are getting warmer, so you may already be thinking about booking your summer travel. A trip involving water is a favorite theme for summer break. 

Figuring out the right type of water vacation for your family will depend on a variety of factors. Let’s explore the different options and why people love them.

Pool-Style Water Vacation

Booking a pool villa staycation is the epitome of a luxury holiday. Villas equipped with a pool are best suited for families who want to enjoy a relaxing break without worrying about tight schedules or activities. 

The advantage of a pool is that you have more freedom when it comes to the choice of your holiday destination. It doesn’t matter whether the holiday villa is by the coast or deep inside a forest. The presence of the pool ensures you’ve got direct access to the water! It’s perfect for a quiet break, away from people, so you can recharge your battery together as a family. 

Pool rentals are a great vacation for families with older children who already know how to swim. 

Go on a boat and explore

If you are confident about taking a boat on water, either sailing or driving a boat, planning a boat holiday can be a fantastic way to spend quality time with your family. It’s easier if you already own a boat. However, don’t worry if you don’t. There are plenty of boat hire services, so you can select your dream vessel for the vacation!

If you like the idea of a luxurious boat trip, a Saint Tropez yacht charter is the ultimate choice. With a crew on board to take care of all your needs, chartering a yacht is the perfect way to relax on a vacation you will never forget.

Boat trip holidays work best with experienced families who are comfortable on water. If one of you suffers from seasickness, it can affect the whole vacation. While there is seasickness medication, it isn’t something you want to rely on for the whole duration of the holiday. Also, taking a boat along the coast or into deeper sea will require a boat license. If you do not have any, you can consider a rental with a crew. 

This type of vacation is a dream for families who are close and work well together. If they are old and responsible enough, children can receive a job on the boat. 

Lake and river fishing break

Fishing vacations can be relaxing. There are plenty of excellent fishing spots across the US to take your family on an unforgettable journey. You can teach the kids to fish and challenge each other only to eat what you can catch!

One word of warning, though: You want to make sure you’ve got the right spot for the season! Fish can hide or leave a location, so it’s essential to research the best destination for the time of the year. 

Is it okay if you don’t manage to catch fish? Yes! You can still relax together by the water and enjoy the beautiful landscape. Ideally, you want to take older kids with you. Younger ones may hurt themselves while casting the line. You can hire your equipment, so there’s no need to worry about purchasing everything ahead. 

An active water vacation

Are you ready for a water adventure? Not everyone wants a quiet and relaxing break. Perhaps your family enjoys sporty vacations. These active water holiday ideas will keep everyone excited. 
Teens will love the idea of kayak holidays, where you can explore a unique area while paddling in the water. You can find guided trips all around the world, from the Norwegian fjords to the crystal-clear coves in Sardinia. Kayaking requires coordination and energy, so it’s the type of vacation that active families love!

For younger kids, you can consider water parks where they can bounce and slide in the water. Water parks are more accessible regardless of your fitness levels. They are perfect for families with young children, but teens also love them! You can plan a day at a water park during your vacation, leaving you to visit and relax for the rest of the break!

Beach vacations for the family

Nothing beats the sound of the waves in the morning. Vacations by the beach remain a favorite for many families. With over 12,000 miles of coast to choose from in the US only, it’s fair to say you have many options. California and Florida are some of the most popular states when it comes to beach vacations. But you can opt for less popular destinations, such as Fort Morgan beaches in Alabama, Fenwick island in Delaware, and Assateague Island in Maryland. 

Beach vacations are a great choice for children of all ages as long as they are supervised. It is also a fun way to learn how to swim for little ones and observe the wildlife. 

Are you ready to plan your water vacation for this summer? Whether you prefer a relaxing boating vacation or a small cottage by the sea, there are plenty of exciting options to suit everyone! 

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