Visiting Colorado With Kids

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Are you considering taking a trip to Colorado with the kids? Colorado is a fantastic destination to explore and has so much to offer travelers of every age.

One thing that sets Colorado apart from many other destinations is its breathtaking scenery. There are many beautiful places to visit in the United States, but a trip to Colorado offers scenery that is guaranteed to amaze and will offer the perfect backdrop to your vacation photos. But, there is much more to Colorado than just beautiful scenery. The state offers much more than just picturesque mountain views.

Visiting Colorado also brings a rich mix of culture, history, and wildlife, as well as delicious food and drink. If you are going to visit Colorado with the kids in tow, you may be wondering whether there will be enough to keep them occupied during the trip. The good news is that there are tons of places to visit in Colorado with kids.

Here are some of the best places to visit as a family on a trip to Colorado:

SeaQuest Aquarium

Visiting an aquarium is always a popular activity with kids, and it is an excellent choice for both adults and kids. SeaQuest at Littleton is home to incredible animals from five different continents, ready and waiting for you to meet them.

SeaQuest has a wide range of species, including reef sharks, stingrays, tropical fish, birds, and more. You can even feed the caiman during your visit! Exciting hands-on activities can be pre-booked ahead of your visit to allow you to get even closer to the creatures living at the aquarium. This aquarium in Colorado is located 30 minutes outside of Denver.

Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens is a beautiful place to explore as a family and enjoy all the wonders of nature in one stunning setting. The Botanic Gardens has so much to offer, including Mordecai Children’s Garden, where children can learn about ecosystems and interact with plant life.

Throughout the year, Denver Botanic Gardens offers a wide range of seasonal events at their different locations. Look out for special events, such as the Pumpkin Festival and Corn Maze in the fall.

Children’s Museum of Denver

The Children’s Museum of Denver is an ideal attraction when visiting Colorado with children under ten years of age. The Children’s Museum of Denver Marsico Campus has tons of activities for kids to enjoy engaging experiences while having fun.

There are lots of exciting opportunities for role play, including a fire station complete with poles for younger kids, water play activities, an art studio, and much more for kids to learn and discover.

Kids can also get wild outdoors and play at Joy Park. Here, children can enjoy a stroll through the apple orchard, explore the straw bale maze, take a ride on the zipline, and splash around in the splash pad area. Children visiting Colorado also get to explore the natural phenomena of sand dunes, ruins, and canyons. 

Visiting Colorado with your family is a great way to explore and see the beautiful country!

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