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Almost 10 years ago our family got the opportunity to move to Chicago. Brent took an incredible job, and we excitedly purchased a house. While we knew it wouldn’t be a forever situation, we went all in. We renovated the house, bought Cubs attire, joined museums, and found a school/church we loved.

Winter hit hard that year. The Polar Vortex gave us one of the snowiest, coldest Chicago winters on record. As Southerners, we struggled big time. The only thing we could do was pour ourselves a big glass of homemade sweet tea (because they don’t sell it anywhere up there!), and make the most of it.

Around the time the snow melted and I unpacked the final moving boxes, Brent’s dream job became available. Or more specifically, a job in our dream city- Charlotte.

After a lot of prayer and consideration, we made the decision to move. Our realtor thought we were joking when we called and asked her to put the house back on the market. Several people on facebook commented that they hadn’t even realized we’d moved to Chicago.

The hardest thing about moving after only 10 months was not being able to reap the benefit of the seeds we’d sewn, both figuratively and literally. We’d just started making really good friends. Mary Grace and Miller had a babysitter who adored them. Brent had hired some really awesome employees. And I’d planted an insanely large number of really gorgeous tulips I couldn’t wait to see bloom annually!

But moving was the right decision for a million reasons.

So why am I rehashing this story now? Well, to steal a line from Britney Spears…”oops I did it again.”

As most of you know, Brent recently made the decision to leave his corporate insurance job to pursue an opportunity as a boat broker. He was thrilled to join one of the top brokerages, and threw himself into becoming the best.

The response to Brent’s new career has been truly astounding. We will forever be grateful for his first supporters- those who chose to take a chance on a new broker. Brent is one of the most humble people I know so you’ll never hear him brag about this…but he’s been very successful. More than that, he’s made some amazing new friends in his clients.

There’s obviously a ‘but’ coming. Similar to our Chicago story, a dream situation came along.

So once again, after a lot of prayer and consideration, Brent made a big decision. He’s now the co-owner of a brand new yacht brokerage, Great Loop Yacht Sales.

Brent and Michael each have extensive years in the boating industry including living and traveling on the Great Loop. Additionally, they both have an unparalleled commitment to providing their clients with the very best. Opening their own brokerage allows them to leverage industry knowledge and combine it with the most essential tools for buying and selling boats.

While Brent will be forever grateful for the experiences over the last few months, we truly believe this next chapter aligns better with our family’s goals and values. And, of course, Brent couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with the top broker in the Great Loop niche.

As always, we are so thankful for everyone who follows along and supports our family’s crazy adventures. At least you know with us, life is never boring! In addition to this big news, we have some pretty exciting upcoming travel plans we’ll be sharing soon.

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  1. Susan Mason on April 18, 2023 at 1:16 pm

    Fabulous! Can’t wait to hear where you are off to spread your love!

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