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Airports: the threshold between familiar and foreign, between home and adventure. But often, the glamour of travel is tarnished by long layovers and flight delays. The good news? Airport waiting times can be more than a dull interlude. With a bit of creativity, you can transform these intervals into an enjoyable part of your journey.

Here’s how to make airport waiting times more fun no matter how long you have to wait:

Dive into a book

A captivating book can transport you to another world and make time fly. Carry a paperback or load some e-books on your tablet or e-reader. If you prefer listening, consider audiobooks. Apps like Audible or Libby offer a wealth of titles to choose from. Pick a travel book for the destination you are heading to or a novel set in the area and it will undoubtedly enrich your travel experience.

Get active

Instead of sitting, explore the airport. Many airports are architecturally fascinating, filled with shops, restaurants, and sometimes even art galleries or gardens. Some airports, like Singapore’s Changi Airport, take it to another level with features like a butterfly garden and a rooftop pool!

Spotify your way through

Music can be a great way to pass the time and enhance your mood. With Spotify, you can create your personal travel playlist or explore pre-made playlists that cater to a multitude of tastes. Consider downloading your favorite albums or playlists beforehand, as you might not always have a reliable internet connection at the airport, but if you do, you may be able to benefit from cheap Spotify premium by signing up in a country where it costs less than it does at home – something many people do by using a VPN too. Time will pass way more fast when you have a great song playing in your ear.

Indulge in a movie or series marathon

Catch up on that movie or series you’ve been meaning to watch. Many streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime allow you to download content to your device for offline viewing. Just ensure you have a good pair of headphones to not disturb your fellow travelers.

Plan your trip 

If you haven’t nailed down all the details of your trip, now is the perfect time. Research places to visit, things to do, local customs, or even a few phrases in the local language. You can use apps like TripIt or Google Trips to organize your plans.

Play games

Playing games can be a great distraction. There are countless gaming apps available, from puzzles like Sudoku and Candy Crush to more complex games like Fortnite or Among Us. If you prefer physical games, consider carrying a travel-sized board game or a deck of cards. This is a great way to keep kids, in particular, entertained during those long waits.

Learn something new

Why not use this time productively? Learning apps like Duolingo or Khan Academy offer bite-sized lessons on various topics. If you prefer to learn creatively, try apps like Procreate or Canva to explore digital art and design. Learning the local language is a particularly good use of time, but learning anything new will benefit you in the long-term, not just while you wait.

Pamper yourself

Some airports offer spa and massage services. A bit of pampering can help alleviate travel stress and get you refreshed for your journey. If spa services are not available or out of budget, simple self-care activities like skincare or meditation can also provide relaxation.


If you’re feeling sociable, strike up a conversation with fellow travelers. Sharing travel experiences and stories can be enriching and might lead to unexpected friendships. You might even meet a lifelong friend who you can spend some time exploring your next destination with so you don’t get lonely.

Explore local flavors

Airports often showcase local and international cuisine. Why not take a culinary tour of the airport? From quick bites to fine dining, airports can be surprisingly diverse gastronomic spaces where you can get a taste of all manner of exciting new foods that will prepare you for the kinds of things you will be eating when you reach your destination.

If you’re attempting to entertain children during airport waiting times, you’ll definitely want to check out these additional suggestions: Airport Entertainment Ideas for Kids

Waiting at the airport doesn’t have to be a drag. With these tips, you can turn waiting times into an enjoyable and meaningful part of your travel experience. So next time you’re at the airport, remember to have fun with the journey, not just the destination, and your vacations will be a whole lot richer as a result. Happy travels! 

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