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When it comes to finding the perfect family hotel to stay in, everything needs to be just right. Even if it’s just for a weekend, everything from the pillows to the hotel breakfast needs to count. Now, while these factors are super important, it’s going to matter even more during an extended stay.

What you need to think about is the fact that planning an extended stay usually involves more than just booking a room; it’s about finding a temporary home that offers comfort, convenience, and a welcoming atmosphere.

 It doesn’t really even matter what the reason is; whether you’re embarking on a long business trip, relocating, or simply exploring a new city at a leisurely pace, the right hotel can make all the difference. You absolutely deserve that comfort, but there are a few things that you really need to keep in mind: the major qualities that help make it comfortable.

Here’s exactly what you need to look for in a hotel when it comes to your extended stay:

It Needs to Be Spacious and Functional

For most families, even couples, it’s fine to have a small hotel room if it’s temporary, like a weekend. Sure, small rooms are inconvenient, but during short stays, they’re usually not a big deal. But in general, it’s more important during extended stays. In fact, one of the primary considerations for an extended stay is the room’s size and layout.

You’ll need to look for hotels that offer spacious living areas, separate sleeping and lounging spaces, and possibly a fully equipped kitchenette (which will save a lot of money on food). This isn’t even about aesthetics either; a well-designed room can make your stay more comfortable and allow you to maintain a sense of routine. 

Thankfully nowadays it’s easier now more than ever to get an idea of hotel room sizing like bloggers who write a Hotel Xcaret Arte review (or any hotel review for that matter), plus more hotel websites are being transparent about the sizing of their rooms too.

Kitchen Facilities

As mentioned above, it’s going to be ideal that your hotel has some kitchen facilities because getting take-out or even ordering room service is going to get incredibly expensive fairly quickly.  In general, having access to a kitchen can be a game-changer during an extended stay. 

You’ll need to look for hotels that provide kitchen facilities, whether it’s a fully equipped kitchenette with a stove, microwave, and refrigerator or a shared kitchen space. Technically, there are some hotels that will anticipate long stays or will even anticipate large families (like a family suite), and these usually tend to have kitchenettes. 

Laundry Facilities

While it’s manageable to go one week without washing your laundry, any time longer could be seen as an issue. So, the convenience of on-site laundry facilities can’t be overstated at all when it comes to an extended stay. Ideally, you’re going to want to look for hotels that offer guest-accessible washers and dryers or provide laundry services. Some of them will even do this for you (a lot of resorts and even cruise ships). With this, you thankfully won’t need to deal with the hassle of finding local laundromats.

Using these tips you should be well prepared for extended hotel stays with your family.

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