Over In Killarney, Ireland

I’ve had a lot of favorite days in my life.

I consider myself extremely blessed to be able to recall so many amazing experiences. And, at any given moment, I might select a different day as my very favorite. However, currently if you asked- hands down, without hesitation- I would answer “my day in Killarney.”

Over the last month a lot of people have asked about our trip to Ireland. I’ve enjoyed reliving all the details of our amazing trip. But each time I try to describe Killarney I get tongue-tied and flustered. How can I put in to words the beauty and magic of such a fairytale place?

I’ve decided that no description or picture can come close to doing the town justice.

One of the amazing views from our drive around The Gap of Dunloe.

Though these words will be completely inadequate, I’m going to try to sum it up 3 ways:

  • Killarney is PERFECT: Being a perfectionist, I use the word “perfect” very sparingly. I don’t take that label lightly, and yet I can’t think of a better way to describe Killarney. It’s everything you could possibly imagine in an Irish town. It is small, quaint and charming. But it has SO much to offer. As with every place in Ireland, the people are fantastically friendly and so proud of their home. The streets are cobblestone, and each storefront has character. The town is clean, safe and inviting. Even in pouring rain, Killarney is a place so beautiful you’ll never want to leave.
The Muckross House is located just a short distance from Killarney Town Center.
  • Killarney Has It All: One thing I loved was the broad range of activities in the area. Located on the outskirts of the National Forest, the town boasts a range of outdoor entertainment. From town we were able to take a tour of the Gap of Dunloe and parts of The Ring of Kerry. Guests can also take the popular horse and carriage (jaunting cart) ride through town. In addition to all the outdoor activities there is plenty of shopping, and various spa options at the hotels.
A jaunting cart ride through the streets of town.
  • Top Notch Hotels and Food: You really can’t go wrong with any of the options in town! Personally, we LOVED our stay at The Killarney Park Hotel (read more hexre) but I certainly wouldn’t turn down a stay at any of the other options. We also found all of the food options in Killarney to be among the best in Ireland. Every block of town has coffee shops, pubs, and dessert places.
One of the top rated hotels in the world!

If Killarney, Ireland isn’t already on your travel bucket list- you need to add it ASAP! Though I’ve technically crossed it off mine, I’ve reconsidered and added “spend a week in Killarney.”

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