The Best Easter Basket Gifts For Kids Who Love To Travel

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Holidays are my thing. I love them. From celebrating with family and friends, to decorating, to traditions- there’s really nothing not to enjoy. And Easter is no exception!

However- like a lot of parents- I used to dread making purchases to fill my children’s Easter Baskets with junk. We’re not really a big candy family. Additionally, I always felt like the cheap plastic toys and stuffed animals that are included in most baskets were such a waste of money.

But then I found a way to make their Easter basket gifts both practical and fun. I began including all sorts of goodies they would need for spring/summer travel. In all honestly, it’s almost all stuff I would likely be purchasing anyway!

Here is a list of the best Easter Basket gifts for kids who love to travel (or for parents who don’t want to fill the baskets with junk!):

Collapsible Easter Basket Canvas Totes Before we talk about what goes IN the basket, we need to discuss the basket itself! Has anyone ever tried to travel with actual Easter baskets? It isn’t easy! In fact if you’re flying somewhere for Spring Break, it’s virtually impossible (trust me, I’ve tried!) A collapsible tote is the perfect solution. These adorable bags take up a fraction of the space as a typical basket.

Lonely Planet Kids “My Travel Journal”If your kids are anything like mine, you’ll know that giving kids a blank notebook to record trip memories works about as well as herding cats. Although they always have a million things to say, as soon as I ask them to write or draw their thoughts- they suddenly have nothing. I LOVE that the “My Travel Journal” prompts kids to record vacation memories on everything from the weather to their favorite food. There are also lots of blank spaces for pictures, ticket stubs, etc.

Fitness Tracker: My kids love to ask me how many steps I have- especially when we’re traveling and walking a ton! This year they will be getting a less expensive version of a FitBit. I found these fitness trackers on Amazon, and they have great reviews. I know both kids will be excited.

Bathing Suits: This has always been and will always be my go-to Easter Basket filler! Since kids grow like weeds, what kid doesn’t need a new bathing suit every year? I try to include a coordinating cover up or sun shirt. Here are a few cute options:

Cricket Catches the Travel BugShameless plug for my book- but I love seeing Cricket Catches The Travel bug as an Easter basket gift! Children join Cricket as she learns all about travel, including her first flight aboard an airplane. She’s amazed at how high these machines can fly―much higher than her own wings! Kids explore a big city with Cricket and her family and love learning all about travel through a bug’s eyes!

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam 180So honestly, this might be a toy that mom fights to use when we travel. It’s pretty stinkin’ cool! This camera comes with several accessories that makes it the perfect on-the-go, vacation camera for kids. There is an underwater case, and a mounting device that allows kids to easily position it on a boogie board, bike or scooter. We went ahead and also purchased the Child Head Strap Mount so our kids can wear them while we hike and explore! This VTech camera set is an awesome price AND it has great reviews! I absolutely can’t wait for my kids to use these on our next trip.

  • **Update: These cameras are awesome and my kids use them on every trip!***

Here are some additional suggestions for Easter Basket Gifts:

  • Water Shoes- I love my kids to have versatile shoes when we travel so we do not need to pack as many! Water shoes are supportive for activities such as hiking, but also dry quickly if they’ve gotten into streams or rain. They also don’t require socks- which means, one less thing to pack! I particularly like the Chaco and KEEN brands as they do not cause blisters.
  • Activity Travel Toys: When the need arises (every other year or so) my children get some toys they can use at travel destinations. For example: Beach Shovel Set, or Sidewalk Chalk. This year Miller is getting a COOP Hydro Spring Hoop so that he can play basketball at various stops along our summer travel route (it collapses really small so it’s ideal for road trip fun!)
  • Toys For Travel: Easter baskets are also a great excuse to purchase something new for the car or airplane. These might include: Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow!,ThumballRubik’s Cube, or Playbook Activity Set.
  • Sunglasses: Always necessary for vacations! I particularly like these: Unbreakable Polarized Sport Sunglasses For Kids.
  • Souvenir Money: No Easter Basket is complete without a few eggs, but I really don’t like to put candy in ours. So I came up with the idea to stuff some loose change and dollar bills in the eggs. They enjoy saving their money for being able to buy a memento or two while we are on vacation.

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