Top Locations To Celebrate Easter

When I think of the Easter Holiday, many things come to mind.

First of course, is the Resurrection of Jesus- the reason we celebrate. And along with that, I think of church services, fancy dresses and good food. Then there’s the commercialized side of the holiday. My thoughts go to the Easter Bunny, dyed eggs and baskets full of goodies. But one thing I’ve failed to mention is jumbled in all of those thoughts about Easter, and that’s travel.

For a variety of reasons (but namely Spring Break) people often celebrate Easter on vacation.

Of course, you can find church services and celebrations almost anywhere. But here are some extra special destinations to celebrate Easter:

  • Sunrise Beach Service: I can almost guarantee that you will actually feel the presence of the Lord if you celebrate Easter at a sunrise service on the beach. There is truly nothing more glorious than watching the sun come up over the ocean. Use Google to easily find a service at a beach near to you. One word of warning- it will be EARLY (but SO worth it!)
  • Sea World: Though it may sound a bit odd, hands down one of the most memorable places I’ve ever celebrated Easter was at Sea World. This free worship service takes place in the Bayside Stadium and typically boasts some notable Christian bands and pastors- along with roughly 6,000 other guests!
  • New York City: Along with some of the most prominent churches in the country, NYC also has one of the most famous Easter parades. Well known for the traditional “Easter Bonnet” fashion theme, the parade takes place on Fifth Avenue. It’s definitely something you want to do at least once in your life!
  • The White House: Since 1878 the President of the United States has hosted an “Egg Roll” party on the South Lawn of the White House. Activities include an egg hunt, cookie decorating, card-making station for troops, an appearance by the Easter Bunny, and live entertainment. This event is open to the public, but guests must have a ticket for the event. The tickets are distributed via an online lottery.

In addition to these US destinations, two additional extra special places in the world include: Jerusalem and Rome. In Jerusalem you can celebrate Easter with a church service at the Holy Sepulchre and Garden Tomb and visit the Mount of Olives. Visitors to Rome will celebrate with a service in St. Peter’s Square led by the Pope.

Where are you going to celebrate Easter this year?

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