Remembering George H.W. Bush: My Kids Version

Last week our family joined the nation remembering George H.W. Bush.

A life well lived. What an incredible gift he was to both his own family AND our country!

Of course, we shared with our children the news of his passing. Although they were not alive during his presidency, they’ve heard his name and studied his legacy. Here’s a quick recap of the conversation that took place:

(oh wait, quick side note…the ONLY “baby” word my 6-year old has left is the word remember. He still says “be-member.” Yes, I know I’m a bad mom for not correcting him. But it’s just so darn cute. Anyway, back to the conversation…)

“Oh, I be-member when we went to his library this summer.” 

I had to explain that technically we’d gone to his son, George W. Bush’s Presidential Library. However, we did see quite a bit of information on George H.W. Bush so I could understand the confusion. He went on…

“Oh, I be-member when we went to his house.”

Proud that he was at least making the presidential connection, I reminded him that it was actually Thomas Jefferson’s house, Monticello, that we visited.”

“No, not the nickel house. The one with the boat. On the water.”

It actually took me a few seconds to figure out what he was talking about. And then it hit me, Kennebunkport. We’d taken the kids to see the Bush compound when we visited Maine.

I love that through travel, even my 6-year old has his own way of remembering George H.W. Bush.

I’m thankful we’ve gotten these opportunities to show them pieces of history. And -somehow- they are retaining these sweet memories!

In totally separate, but related news…I was recently listening to a Podcast of an interview with Jenna and Barbara Bush. It was recorded several weeks ago (before the passing of their grandfather.) In talking about life and the lives they lead today- both of them expressed gratefulness for their travel opportunities.

Here’s a direct quote from Jenna Bush: “One of the gifts that our parents gave us, which also helped shape who we are, is that they allowed us to see the world.” 

Travel really is a gift. And it’s so instrumental in connecting kids with culture, history and people!

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