Trip To Daufuskie Island: How To Plan And Prepare

If you read any of my posts about our trip to Daufuskie Island, I’m confident that you’re ready to start planning your own visit!

After posting pictures on social media and then sharing some blogs, I’ve had lots of questions about planning a trip. Since it seems to be cold just about everywhere right now, I can tell people are dreaming about their next beach get-away. So I wanted to go ahead and post some information about planning and preparing for a trip to Daufuskie.

First of all, make sure you check out my posts- Daufuskie: The Island Less Traveled AND Daufuskie Island Bucket List. These two posts will give you a better idea of what to expect and what sorts of activities you’ll want to plan to do on the island.

The next thing you’ll want to do is connect with Island Accommodations. Krissy and Kevin will assist you in booking the perfect place to meet your needs. They have a nice selection of properties scattered throughout the island. In my opinion, you really can’t go wrong. But I am partial to the place we stayed, Seaside Escape, on Melrose Beach!

You will also want to be sure to secure a golf cart! Beyond that, Island Accommodations can help with as much or as little of your planning as you’d prefer. Being a concierge service they can handle everything from your ferry tickets, to your dinner reservations. They can also set up any activities you plan to do on the island (like horseback riding on the beach!) and even take care of your groceries.

I can honestly say, with the help of Island Accommodations, planning our trip to Daufuskie Island was one of the easiest travel experiences!

*Unless, of course, you count the TWO hurricanes that blew through and forced us to re-schedule! Thankfully, Island Accommodations also offers trip insurance. Speaking from personal experience, I HIGHLY recommend it!*

If you’re anything like me (totally Type A), you’ll want to know a little bit more about what to pack, plan and expect for your trip to Daufuskie Island.

Here are a few of my insider tips:

  1. 1. Pack light, but thoroughly: The island is casual and you won’t need a big variety of clothing. But if you forget something…you’re in trouble. You can’t exactly run to Target. There’s also no pharmacy on the island so you will want to bring any medicine or first aid that you could possibly imagine needing. (Rest assured, there is an amazing EMS staff…you just don’t want to have to call them if your child starts running a fever in the middle of the night!)
  2. 2. Order groceries: We spent a long weekend on Daufuskie Island and opted to eat out for every meal. I don’t love to cook and therefore considered it a luxury to not have to do it. However, I ended up regretting that we didn’t have a few things to indulge in between meals. For example, our cottage had a gorgeous screened in porch overlooking the beach. I regretted not having some cheese and crackers to enjoy with a glass of wine. Similarly, we would have enjoyed cooking some bacon and eggs for breakfast while our children played on the beach.
  3. 3. Bring a beach wagonIt never would have occurred to me to bring a beach wagon. But we were the only people riding the ferry without one. We felt like total rookies! People used their wagons to bring bulky items such as a cooler, beach umbrella and beach chairs. We will definitely have one with us next time! (PS. To our relief, our cottage had some beach chairs and toys. You will probably want to check with Krissy to know if you can count on that, depending on the property you rent!)
  1. 4. Disconnect: Mentally prepare to disconnect when you go to Daufuskie Island. In fact, why not leave your laptop and electronics at home so you aren’t even tempted? Technically there is excellent wifi and cell reception on the island. But forget that I told you that and act like you’re going to a deserted island far, far away. If you don’t bring any devices, your kids won’t know any differently. It truly feels like you are a million miles away from civilization!
  2. 5. Don’t overthink or over plan: This type of vacation is all about getting away from the ordinary. It’s pretty much impossible to stress about anything once you set foot on Daufuskie Island. So don’t spend a lot of time before your trip overthinking or overplanning! Allow Krissy and Kevin at Island Accommodations to take care of the details for you! They are available from the very beginning stages of planning through the end of your stay to answer any questions or help accommodate any needs that might arise.

Are you ready to plan your trip to Daufuskie Island?

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