Family Camping In A Treehouse

*Treehouse Vineyards hosted our family camping experience.

When I was little I had a huge imagination and big sense of adventure. My favorite books involved children living in unique places such as in an old boxcar train. Or surviving on their own in the woods after building some type of shelter. They lived off the land, and crafted household items out of the forest.

I remember being convinced this was the way of life for me. And I made several good attempts at living in the “wild” (in the backyard of my very suburban Atlanta neighborhood…)

Although it never really worked out for me, the sense of adventure is still there. However, I really do prefer the modern conveniences of air conditioning and hot showers.

Amazingly, I’m raising two kids with the same odd desire to build a life in the woods. It’s pretty common for them to spend days on end planning their survival if for some reason they ever found themselves living in the backyard. They’re currently growing wild onions and harvesting pears off a neighbor’s tree. So, it’s plausible that they could live off the land for a day or two (according to them!)

All this to say- imagine my excitement when I found out that our family could camp out in a treehouse!


Treehouse Vineyards in Monroe, North Carolina has 3 treehouses on property and available for rent. The first, Date Nite, does not offer overnight accommodations, but can be rented to enjoy a private dining experience overlooking the vineyard.

Papa’s Dream Treehouse sleeps 2 (queen bed) and comes with a gorgeous view of the property’s lake.

And finally, Horsefeathers Hideaway easily accommodates 6 (queen bed, 2 full sleeper sofas) with additional space for air mattress or sleeping bags for kids. This treehouse is nestled deep on the property with a creek, and beautiful views of the vineyard off in the distance.

Our family stayed in Horsefeathers Hideaway, and I can’t say enough great things about this property!

For starters, the accommodations are way more impressive than you would expect for any family camping experience. The Treehouse includes a full bath upstairs, plus a half bath on the main level. There is a kitchenette complete with a coffee maker, microwave, toaster oven and mini fridge. The house also has a very nice gas grill on the deck.

Best of all, the treehouse has air conditioning! This thrilled my husband and made the “camping” experience much more enjoyable for all of us. (Note: there is also heat in the cooler months.)

Our first stop once we arrived at the Vineyard was to check in and purchase some wine made on property. After getting settled in the treehouse, my husband and I parked ourselves in rocking chairs on the deck. The children felt like they were at the ultimate playground and alternated between exploring the grounds, and relaxing on the porch.

Knowing ahead of time about the grill, we chose to bring some burgers and corn on the cob. It was really nice to just settle in and enjoy our peaceful surroundings. However, the town of Monroe is a quick 5 minute drive, and there are lots of great restaurants if you want to opt out of cooking.

While not rustic in the slightest, our family still loved the experience of camping out in a treehouse!

Perhaps the most charming feature is the lack of TV and wifi! We appreciated the opportunity to unwind and spend quality time together as a family without those distractions. Horsefeathers Hideaway does come with a stack of boardgames. And I highly recommend bringing a great book along to enjoy in a rocking chair.

I can honestly say that my kiddos are already begging to go back to Treehouse Vineyards for another night or two of family camping!

In addition to the overnight stays, Treehouse Vineyards offers a wide variety of activities including live music and specialty nights. And, of course, they specialize in wine tastings! They also hold a lot of events there including weddings, showers, and company parties. Monroe, North Carolina is located about 45 minutes from Downtown Charlotte.

For more information and to book your stay, visit the Treehouse Vineyards Website.

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