You Don’t Have To Travel Far To Have An Adventure

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Since COVID-19 ground the globe to a halt and we’ve all been asked to stay at home as much as we can, travel has become a bit of a no go area.

Unless of course, you get a little bit creative with your idea of travel! 

If you and your children are used to heading out on adventures to far off lands, then you might be feeling like you have had your wings clipped.

However, it isn’t the destination that matters when you set off on a new adventure. It’s about so much more than that. So how can you create a travel experience for you and your kids, in your own home? 

If you have a garden, then you’ve got the makings of your next big adventure. Camping in your garden can be just as fun for everyone as heading off to a forest and spending a night under the stars.

This could be a great time to try real wild camping, as you will be in the safety of your own back garden!

Wild camping is excellent; you ditch the tent and sleep in nature. You could set a plan and gather up all the things you need to create some shelter. This could kill two birds with one stone if you need to trim up some of your trees or bushes at home! 

Building a shelter with the children involves a lot of teamwork, so this can be a great way of bonding with your family.

It’s exciting too because you will spend all day creating a fantastic camping zone. You can build a small fire to cook your dinner on too. The real bonus is that unlike actual wild camping in the wilderness if you have a late-night craving for red velvet cake, you haven’t got to go far to grab a slice!

Another way of enjoying adventure during lockdown is to get the children into map reading.

Using your local area, you could mark two spots on a map and then get the children to lead the way. This could be beneficial when you are able to get out and explore the world again, especially if you teach them how to use a compass if you went for a late-night walk you could even teach them how to use the stars to navigate.

Map reading skills are essential for any budding adventurer.  

There are so many ways we can travel and have amazing adventures. Whether it is exploring the local area or coming together for a night in the garden, many of the precious memories we make when we are far away from home can be just as incredible when we’re right on our doorstep. 

Don’t let the pandemic clip your wings. Keep them fluttering until you are able to soar through the sky once again! 

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