Best Hotels In Vegas For Families

I am a firm believer that when you travel with kids, a hotel can either make or break the trip.

So many things factor into how you feel about a hotel: your first impression; the overall cleanliness; staff attitudes; room accommodations; price of the room; and, of course, the amenities offered on the property.

If you’ve ever traveled with kids you’ll verify this statement- nothing gets past them!

Kids are very quick to point out what they enjoy (or don’t enjoy) about everything!

There are some nights when we travel that we just need a place to sleep. In those situations we typically look for affordable rooms with minimal extras. We aren’t looking for entertainment or a place that we won’t want to leave the next day. We need a clean, safe place for our family to get some rest.

However, there are also many nights where we want a really great hotel for our family to call home. We look for the bells and whistles that will make lasting memories for our kids.

In Vegas, choosing a hotel for your family is the most important decision you’ll make.

For starters, you’ll want to feel safe. You may also want to consider each property’s smoking policy. Many of the Vegas hotels have gone to completely non-smoking rooms. Additionally, you may need to consider location. Vegas is fairly compact and there is great public transportation. However, it’s still something to look at based on where you plan to spend your time.

Beyond that, you should look at what will work best for your family.

While I haven’t gotten the opportunity to sample all the Vegas properties with my kids (and I have no intention of doing so!)- I can confidently say that I’ve found 4 that I will highly recommend for specific reasons.

The Best Hotels In Vegas For Families

  1. MGM Grand: As the biggest hotel on the Vegas strip, the MGM Grand has A LOT to offer families! The lowest levels are like a mini city full of everything a family would need to survive without even leaving. There are at least 3 Starbucks, a food court, and a nice variety of other restaurants and stores.
    Even the most basic room at the MGM is spacious and can easily accommodate a family.

Our room featured a king size bed, a pull-out couch with a surprisingly comfortable bed, and plenty of extra space. The MGM Grand is also located in a convenient location on the strip with access to the monorail.

Lastly, but most importantly, there are no better pools in Vegas than at the MGM Grand. The outdoor space is amazing, and my kids were extremely happy to spend every day floating around the lazy river. In fact, I struggled to drag them away to see the rest of Vegas- they easily could have spent 100% of their time at the pool!

*Pro Tip: Purchase cheap floats prior to your trip and plan to just leave them in Vegas. A float at the MGM will cost you $25. It’s yours to keep…but that’s a pretty steep price for a souvenir you’ll struggle to get into your suitcase!

2. Cosmopolitan: I will be the first to admit- this hotel was NOT designed with kids in mind. It’s meant to be an upscale, luxurious hotel for higher end Vegas guests.

But this place makes my list of best hotels in Vegas for families for two very specific reasons:

First, because it’s on the higher end side, it doesn’t get quite as much of the party reputation. It’s a tad classier (keep in mind, it’s still Vegas!) and we did not see as much loud behavior at this pool. Again, not saying it doesn’t happen…but the Cosmo does attract more individuals/couples rather than large groups (ie. bachelor parties.)

Secondly, the Cosmo has, HANDS DOWN, the best room views! If you book here, be sure you request a room facing the Bellagio. Families will be able to enjoy the fountain shows from their own private balcony. (Hello built in entertainment every 30 minutes!) You will also have an unparalleled view of the lights on the strip without having to actually be out and about at night.

*Pro Tip: Little known fact, the Cosmopolitan is a Marriott property. You can both use/earn Bonvoy points for staying here. And, depending on your points status, this is a GREAT property to use one of your guaranteed suite upgrade nights!

3. Westin at Lake Las Vegas: Full disclosure- this hotel is not on the Vegas strip; however, it is worth going to even if you want nothing to do with anything IN Vegas! Our family could (and probably will in the future) easily spend a week here! The benefits to this property are plentiful!

First, the Westin at Lake Las Vegas is about 25 minutes away from the airport and the heart of Vegas. It’s an ideal location allows you to feel like you are in a secluded desert oasis, while still being minutes away from all the amenities of a big city. The Westin is also minutes away from the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and the Hoover Dam.

Secondly, this property is a child’s dream. There are huge yard games, and ping pong tables. The Westin offers a variety of lake activities including paddle boarding, kayaking and peddle boats. Additionally, there are two huge pools and a big water slide. If that isn’t enough, there is also a playground and basketball courts!

Children are not the only ones who will love the amenities that the Westin at Lake Las Vegas has to offer!

I think we had just as much fun playing as our kids (no age limit on the water slide!) And, my husband plans to bring his clubs next time to play on the two Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses.

The Westin at Lake Las Vegas is a true family resort in every sense of the word!

4. The Inn at Death Valley: As the name would imply, this is also not a hotel on the Las Vegas strip. In fact, it’s not even in Nevada. However, I had to add this resort to the list of best hotels in Vegas because it will be the first place our family books the next time we head to Vegas. Located inside Death Valley National Park, this Inn is truly a tropical oasis. And, an incredibly unique place to spend a night or two.

The Inn at Death Valley is a luxury hotel with ridiculously nice amenities.

In addition to a spring-fed pool and play ground, guests can play a round on the lowest elevation golf course in the world! The resort also offers horseback riding and jeep rentals for exploring the park.

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