A Healthy Vacation Is A Happy Vacation

Planning a healthy vation that keeps families safe is a huge priority for many people right now. While the travel industry may not be back to full speed yet, people are beginning to get creative with their planning.

There’s a general sense out there in some parts of the internet that going on vacation is a good thing for our wellbeing. Finally, we have a chance to take a break from our busy lives and just enjoy ourselves and spend time together.

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Like so many things in life, our trips’ healthiness comes down to the personal choices we make. How well we plan often has a big impact on how much everyone enjoys the holiday and how revitalized we feel at the end of it.

Do you want your next vacation with the kids to be a little healthier and happier?

Here are some tips to promote your collective wellbeing and plan a healthy vacation for your family…

Stay Safe

With COVID-19 still in full swing, everyone needs to be careful when traveling and take precautions. Currently, you can view the CDC’s travel advisory to find out where infection cases are rising. 

Please note, though, that the infection is currently endemic in most countries, meaning that your family needs to take precautions regardless.

Furthermore, the risk of traveling to particular locations is likely to go up and down, as the situation unfolds. Things like bring facemasks with you when you travel and purchasing hand sanitizer when you arrive at your destination can all help in the fight against the virus and keep you safe.

Due to travel regulations, a healthy vacation may need to be something close to home.

(Check out these ideas for fun family staycation ideas.)

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated on holiday is often more complicated than you imagine. If you’re on a long hike or canoeing down a river, fresh drinking water might not be available. 

Thus, every morning before you set off, you need to prepare your hydration – especially if you’re going to a hot part of the world or engaging in physical activity. Pack at least a couple of liters of water for each person, and perhaps more if you plan on staying outside for the whole of the day.

Take Healthy Snacks With You

The food you eat while you travel is rarely as healthy as good for you as what you eat at home. Often it is high in sugar, salt, and fat. 

Fortunately, some innovative companies are now making travel snacks to keep you going on a long flight or car journey. These options use different cooking methods, designed to increase the healthiness of each bite.

The idea behind them is pretty simple: you can have portable food that tastes good and promote wellbeing.

That’s great news for any family wanting a wellness boost.

Check Your Meds

If your kids take medications, you’ll want to check that you’ve packed these before you set off. Some medications make kids more sensitive to sunlight, according to the FDA, so you’ll also want to check these in advance of your trip. 

Use Sunscreen

Sunburn remains an ongoing issue, especially for children. One bad burn during childhood can have a lasting impact on their skin health for the rest of their lives.

Always encourage kids to wear sunscreen and protective clothing in the midday sun in order to have a healthy vacation for your whole family.

Travel is changing quickly these days. Please be sure to check the latest guidelines and take all the necessary precautions to keep your family healthy and safe!

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