Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling

Do you struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you step out of your daily routine?

It’s so easy to go on a vacation and get completely de-railed from any health and fitness goals you might be working on at home. If you’re like me, you make excuses. And you might even over-complicate the ability to integrate healthy choices into a vacation.

If you can relate, be sure to check out these fabulous tips from our guest writer Amy, a certified FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Coach.

Tips To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling:

Keep moving

If you have a good exercise routine going, keep it up!

It’s ten times harder to get back into a workout routine after you’ve had several days off. I suggest making a little bit of time to get your heart rate up on a few days of your vacation – it doesn’t have to be long or complicated. There are plenty of options available – here are my favorites:

  •  Check out the local parks with walking/jogging trails
  • Find a gym that offers daily pass options
  • Workout in your vacation rental or hotel! Utilize the hotel gym or pack some fitness bands which are lightweight and easy to transport

Try to keep meals out to once per day

It’s so easy to over-indulge on vacation when we eat multiple meals out per day. Choose one meal per day to eat out and plan ahead of time for the others. If you are staying in a hotel, this makes it a little more challenging, but most rooms have small refrigerators. Keep reading for some great options to pick up at the grocery store!

Stay hydrated

It’s so easy to forget this one on vacation! I suggest drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day. I like to try and get most of that in before noon so that I know I won’t forget to hydrate throughout the day – especially as we are on the go.

Choose portable and healthy snacks to pack throughout the day

There are plenty of options available for healthy snacks that are portable and easy to take on the go! By being prepared or going to a grocery store upon arrival, you’ll avoid overpriced and unhealthy options.

Keep big treats to one per day & choose intentionally

I do not promote a deprivation lifestyle. I’m all about enjoying yummy treats on vacation but sometimes we let ourselves over-indulge THE ENTIRE TIME. If you’re intentional about choosing one treat a day, chances are, you’re not going to waste it on something you wouldn’t normally choose, just because you’re on vacation!Treats can also come in healthy forms! Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to indulge every day. Find local places that provide healthy treats!

I recently traveled to Waco, Texas for a girls trip and I want to share with you how I incorporated these practical tips into our weekend away.

Keep moving!

Planet Fitness offers one day free and daily passes available for purchase thereafter. They also provide a black card membership that allows 24/7 access to clubs with locations nation-wide, which is perfect for traveling.If you are traveling to Waco, TX, check out the local Planet Fitness – so many great options and a very friendly staff!

Cameron Park in Waco features 416 acres of towering trees, two rivers, cliffs, and a National Recreation Trail System. As the largest municipal park in Texas, and second to Central Park, It is the perfect place to get outdoors and keep moving!Working out together is the best! Convince your travel partners to get in a workout with you before you start the day.

Keep meals out to once per day

Admittedly, this one is the hardest to stick to because many destinations have wonderful dining options and no one wants to spend much time cooking on vacation. We enjoyed the Magnolia Bakery & Market Food Trucks, Magnolia Table and In-and-Out Burger while on this trip but we also enjoyed a few meals in.We rented the beautiful Tallulah Ann Farmhouse and could not have been happier with our stay! The gorgeous kitchen made it so much fun to cook together as a group! We went to Walmart to grab a few groceries to throw together an easy and delicious meal. Here are some ideas for a quick grocery trip if you have access to a full kitchen.

Stay hydrated

We flew to Waco and to avoid purchasing overpriced bottled water, I packed an empty water bottle with me to refill the whole trip. It worked great! You can also check out these tips to avoiding paying for water when you travel.

Choose portable and healthy snacks to pack throughout the day

When traveling, I want easy, on-the-go snacks! Here are some of my favorite options:

Keep big treats to one per day & choose intentionally

We enjoyed many delicious treats in Waco but we had so much fun visiting Oh My Juice. It was the perfect place for a healthy treat. Oh My Juice sources almost all of their ingredients locally and what you see is what you get! The menu says it all – no added ingredients – what’s on the chalkboard is what you get! I recommend trying one of their many options of acai bowls, smoothies, or the avocado toast!

Try incorporating at least one or all of these tips on your next vacation to help maintain a healthy lifestyle while you’re traveling.

If you’re in a rut and would like to prioritize your health and wellness, I would love to come alongside you on your journey through the The FASTer Way to Fat Loss®. The FASTer Way is the premier online virtual intermittent fasting fitness and nutrition program, focused on whole-food nutrition and cutting edge strategies to maximize fat loss. We incorporate intermittent fasting and carb cycling and preach progress over perfection.

I believe the best way to reach your health and fitness goals is by creating healthy, sustainable habits that will last the test of time and I am confident you will find that in the FASTer Way.

For more information about the The FASTer Way to Fat Loss®, please visit my coach page or reach out to me with any questions.You can register my next round of the The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® here.  You’ll gain early access to the online portal and jump start your FASTer Way journey! You can find me on Facebook at Amy Sherwood or on Instagram @amysherwood_4. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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