The One Where We’re Featured In A Magazine

Crazy things happened this past year. Perhaps craziest of all: our family getting featured in a popular boating magazine, Passagemaker.

Before I share a few details, first let me let you know where you can pick up a copy. We are in the March issue, which is out now. If you don’t have a subscription, West Marine and Barnes & Noble are two popular stores that carry Passagemaker.

You can also purchase a year’s subscription (Kindle version) for $15.99:

(FYI: If you live in the Charlotte, NC area you should probably go ahead and purchase the Kindle version. I’m pretty sure my mom bought every copy within a 100 mile radius!)

This was our family’s first time working with a magazine. It was really special, not only to be included, but also to see how the process worked!

Back in the fall, I was contacted by the editor who asked if we’d be willing to share our Great Loop story. I’m not sure he realized he was asking that question to someone who’s made every bit of our travel public for the last 5 years!

Of course we were willing to share!

Initially, I prepared to do an interview with the editor. However, when he realized I understand grammar and know how to put sentences together, he decided it would be easier for both of us if I just answered the questions in writing.

I assumed someone would take my answers and either pull out bits and pieces for the article. Or write a quick summary of our story based on my answers.

I was shocked (and so excited) to see every word I wrote printed!

A few weeks later the magazine was in touch again asking for pictures.

One would think that I might have an organized folder on my computer with pictures marked as “favorite.” But I don’t.

I spent hours one night trying to pick out our best pictures. It was important to me to send ones that really represented our family and our Looping journey well.

Knowing that Passagemaker often features the newest and best boats on the market, I only sent 2 pictures that really spotlighted our boat. (Not because I don’t love our boat…)

Ironically, both of those pictures were selected. And one of them is a full 2-page spread! Literally did NOT see that coming.

They ended up printing 6 of the pictures I sent, which was 5 more than I expected.

I have two favorite questions in the magazine.

The first is where Passagemaker wanted to know the kids’ 3 favorite and least favorite parts of the Loop.

As a parent, I assumed I knew their answers.

But when I asked, they both put some genuine thought into it…and came back with things that I did not expect. I’m forever grateful to have a magazine that captures their thoughts in this moment in time.

My other favorite question comes at the very end of the article: “What two or three things would you tell people to avoid?”

At first, I almost didn’t submit an answer because I really didn’t like the question. But after a lot of thought, I did come up with an answer:

“I make a point to avoid negativity. It is far too easy to grumble about the never-ending boat project list, or the constant disorganization that comes from a lack of adequate storage space, or even a string of cold, rainy days.

But the bottom line is that we’re living our dream. We get to wake up every morning on a boat. It’s not lost on me how truly blessed we are to get to do what we do.”

Being featured in a magazine article was a lot of fun. We’re so thankful that Passagemaker found our story interesting enough to share with their huge market.

But we’re equally thankful to have this little platform where we share our story all the time. And grateful for everyone that continues to keep up with our crazy adventures!

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  1. Kathy New on February 19, 2021 at 3:51 am

    Love this!
    And yes, it is exciting to be published!
    We didn’t have the ‘same’ opportunity, as, HappytrailS was only published in our local . Island newspaper…but, the same happened to me….word for word. And that is a real compliment, isn’t it?
    Miss you guys & can’t wait to reunite on The Loop!

    • momwithamap on February 19, 2021 at 4:10 pm

      Oh your article was SO good! It’s really fun to share these stories- the Great Loop is such a cool “club” to be in. And something that so many people can’t even imagine. We miss you guys too! Hurry up and head south! Is Mike out on the docks in shorts in the snow like he was in Chicago…or has the novelty worn off?

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