The One With Our Active Boat Kids

Don’t mistake my lack of posts for a lack of activity. It’s actually just the opposite for my boat kids. We are all on the go, non-stop lately. Thankfully, we all seem to thrive on a chaotic schedule.

In addition to a full calendar of activities, we threw in a big spring break trip to Alaska recently. This was the 50th state for all members of our family. (Unfortunately, this wasn’t a boat trip, but maybe one day.) I have several posts with trip details coming soon!

When we aren’t traveling, here are a few of the things that fill our calendar:

Miller’s Multi-Team Baseball Schedule

One of the main reasons we’ve slowed down our active boating lifestyle is for Miller to participate in baseball season. Arriving in Fort Myers, I prayed we would find a great team for him. God answered our prayers in abundance. Miller was invited to play on 2 teams this season!

Many days he’s double committed, and putting in at least 5-6 days every week. But he’s loving every second. The extra bonus is having 2 sets of awesome coaches and friends. Miller primarily catches and bats leadoff for the 10U team. And he’s being used as a 2nd baseman and designated hitter on the 11U travel team.

Miller also goes to a gym once a week for a team HIIT workout. I get tired just watching them, but somehow they manage to find more energy for a game of parking lot tag afterwards every week.

Mary Grace’s Baking Business

Anyone who’s known us for more than a minute knows that Mary Grace loves to bake. Fortunately, one of her best friends, Molly, is the same way. They’ve combined their recipes and talents to create a really fun business, Baking From Port To Starboard.

While both of them are much more interested in what goes on in the kitchen, it’s been great to watch them learn business skills. They’ve kept detailed financial records, and done a nice job with marketing, branding and customer service.

Just this past weekend they competed in a Biz Kids entrepreneur expo in Naples. While they didn’t take home any of the top prizes, they learned a lot! The girls got to work with mentors, speak to judges and even give a 30-second elevator pitch to a full room of people. Best of all, they had a lot of fun.

A Family Church Community

We feel so fortunate to have an amazing church home in both Charlotte and Hilton Head now. It was really tempting to just keep watching those services online (admittedly, we still do often!) But we wanted to find a church in Fort Myers that we could call home too.

A friend from baseball recommended a church with a very active kids’ program. We agreed to check it out before looking to see it’s location. Imagine our surprise when we realized it’s located just blocks from our marina. Mary Grace has specifically enjoyed the Wednesday night youth group. And Miller begs to attend both services on Sunday morning so he doesn’t miss any of his friends in the kids program (he might have gotten his mom’s FOMO!)

SCUBA Certification Class

Mary Grace just began her SCUBA certification class. This is a dream come true for her. I think she summed it up perfectly on the first night of class when she said “I feel like my future starts tonight.” We love her instructor and can’t wait to see her in full gear in the water.

We will travel soon for her checkout dives in the Florida Keys!

Florida Virtual Classes For Both Boat Kids

One of the really cool things we’ve discovered over the last couple years is the Florida Virtual program. Anyone in the world can sign up for classes (for a reasonable fee for anyone outside the state.) We experimented last fall signing Mary Grace up for high school honors biology. She loved it and excelled, so we added a few more courses this spring.

Miller is enjoying 3rd grade art and spanish. Neither seem to be challenging him too much, but he’s learning a lot of computer skills by attending zooms and submitting his own work. Mary Grace began Latin 1 (she’s taken Latin for 6 years now, so it’s a bit of a review), and Marine Sciences.

She recently enrolled in Drivers Ed. Although she can drive the boat like a boss, we have serious concerns about having her behind the wheel of a car. Pray for us now!

Marina Olympics

Okay, they don’t technically call it that, but it’s really the best way to describe the chaos that develops almost every afternoon. Miller and his friend, Maddy, have huge imaginations when it comes to outside play. Ripsticks have become an extension of their feet and they create elaborate courses using about 3 million cones.

They also play soccer (sometimes while riding the ripstick), wall ball, and a variety of other competitive activities. It’s a really good thing they are cute because they’re almost always in everyone’s way. Thankfully the other marina guests seem to enjoy their energy.

As you can probably tell, my two little boat kids are busy. But best of all, they’re really happy!

Thanks for keeping up with our crazy adventures. As usual, I’m posting more current updates via our Instagram and Facebook accounts. Be sure to follow those, if you aren’t already. You might also enjoy reading:

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