A Long-Term Trip With Your Family

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Do you ever dream of quitting work and taking off to explore the world long-term?

It’s something that lots of parents would love to take but the thought of planning such a big trip can be daunting. However, it could be easier than you think.

Make The Decision And Stick To It

There are positives and negatives to a long-term trip with kids at any age. Traveling with babies and toddlers is cheaper and there’s no school to worry about, but they won’t remember much about it. Older children will make amazing memories, but you need to keep up their studies and might worry about their safety. Teenagers can handle more intrepid adventures, like diving with Dip ‘N Dive, but leaving their friends will be harder. 

If you worry too much about the right time, you might never go. Just choose a date and start planning! 

Choose A Travel Style That Suits Your Family

While traveling with babies and toddlers doesn’t have to stop you from having adventures, some destinations are better for young families than others. With older children and teenagers you can explore more challenging locations and options, like camping or hiking. 

Don’t forget that a long-term trip doesn’t have to involve a multi-stop plane ticket and a backpack. Traveling over the land in a campervan is great fun and a flexible way to travel, or take to the seas in a sailboat. 

Stay Healthy On The Road

Looking after your family’s health is a top priority. Before you go, arrange all the necessary vaccinations and antimalarials in plenty of time, and remember that some jabs, such as typhoid, can’t be given before a certain age. Pack a good first aid kit and talk in advance about what you will do in an emergency. Good travel insurance is also a must. 

While it does pay to be prepared, with all the fresh air and exercise that you are likely to get on the road, the new and varied foods, and plenty of mood-boosting family time, chances are you will all be healthier than ever while you’re traveling. 

Pack Light For your Long-Term Trip

Will you have to drag around lots of baby stuff, or are you traveling with older children who can carry their own belongings? Will you be backpacking or driving? Do you need to worry about seasons or are you sticking to warm climates?

Whatever your plans, pack as little as you can. You can buy diapers, baby food, and clothes as you go, and you might need to anyway, as children grow fast!

The things you need to take include a comfort object or two for small children, a lightweight sling for babies and toddlers, and a tablet or laptop packed with games and movies for when boredom strikes. A small backpack that young children can pack and carry themselves is a great way of getting them involved in the preparations for the trip.

What kind of long-term trip appeals to your family?

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