Alternative Vacations That Won’t Break The Bank

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This summer many people are looking for alternative vacations to the usual getaway. Here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank.

Camping with Everything You Need

Camping is a beautiful family experience, especially for the little ones. However, it can be off-putting when you are in the middle of nowhere, without internet access as an adult or teen. Additionally, you just might not like the idea of sleeping in a bag on the floor. That’s where glamping comes in.

Glamping is a new twist on camping. Essentially, you get to enjoy the great outdoors with all the modern conveniences you are used to. Glamping is a fabulous alternative vacation.

Self-Drive Safari Trips

It’s a dream for most people to go on safari. And it doesn’t just mean getting to the beautiful continent of Africa to see endangered animals. Africa safari is fantastic. But it’s expensive!

But you can take a tour through the wilderness of your own nation. For instance, the US and UK are home to some of the most stunning National Parks. And one day isn’t enough for most of them. So instead, you can make memories driving through parts.

Camping in the great outdoors

Camping is a national obsession in many countries, as families leave behind creature comforts for nature. In England alone, almost 10 million camping trips per year are recorded. Camping is excellent for families because it forces you to bond. Without internet access, video games, and the TV, you rely on each other for entertainment and having fun.

And the bonus of camping is that it doesn’t cost much at all. All you require is fuel costs, ground fees, and food expenses.

Out of Season Alpine Visits

Alpine regions are among the most expensive to holiday at. However, they are cheaper when they’re out of season. This makes them perfect as an alternative family holiday and a little different than the sun and sand you are used to. January and April are generally cheaper for skiing resorts. So if you look around, you can get a good deal.

Alpine vacations are a great way to show the kids that vacation time can be just as fun when active and learning a new hobby as when lazing in the pool as the sun beats down. And it helps out the local businesses too.

Save Money when Booking an Alternative Vacation

One of the best ways to save money this summer is to travel on a budget. Here are some tips for reducing the associated costs:

  • Search engines that compare prices will help you find cheap flights.
  • Coaches and trains are much more affordable than flying.
  • Make sure your luggage doesn’t exceed the baggage allowance.
  • Consider low-cost accommodations like a star rating lower or budget hotels.
  • Whenever possible, avoid extra in-flight costs.

There are many additional costs when booking a holiday. Look for operators that offer everything as options or do the work yourself. Only pay for travel, insurance, and accommodation to keep costs to a minimum. Everything else will cost more, so be careful.

Staycations are Becoming Very Popular

Rather than flying off to exotic destinations, you take your family to fun spots at home. Almost every country has places that are popular with domestic tourists. For instance, Italy has Puglia, the UK has The New Forest region, and the US has Honolulu. As the cost of travel increases, local economies need us more than ever.

Take the Time to Visit (and stay with) Relatives

You can half the cost of a great family trip by staying with relatives. You can divide vacation time between paid accommodation and visiting with family. Spending time at a cousin’s or an uncle’s home is a great way to have your family bond with another. And with the past two years of being apart from each other, many families will jump at the chance.

Additionally, they will know great local spots for getting out on trips. But of course, always ask in advance rather than just turning up. And help around the house as much as you are able. It’s just polite to offer assistance. 

Day Trips are Great Family Holidays that Won’t Break the Bank

There is no rule stating family vacations need to be weeks long. Day trips aren’t bad for getting away from home. Local attractions such as theme parks and water parks are excellent for this. Or perhaps even a day at the zoo. And, there are always offers if you check the web for discounts.

Consider a Walking Holiday

Walking for miles isn’t as appealing as a holiday for many people. However, it can be a unique way to bond with family. At the same time, you get to see wondrous things only accessible by foot. For example, there are many stunning cliff views without a road or railway insight. And you can’t drive your car through a heritage site.

In almost all countries there are sites that you can only get to by walking. Sometimes for a long time. Others pretty quickly. And there are usually plenty of stunning sights to see along the way too. Just don’t forget your food!


With costs rising and travel uncertain, you need to plan your vacations more than ever. This summer consider one of these alternative vacations that won’t break the bank!

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