The One Where We Said “Take 2” A Few Times

May was not our month. In fact, we stopped referring to them as our May days and started calling them our Maydays. All month we dealt with circumstances that made us say “Take 2.” Looking back, it’s almost comical and I can say with certainty that we are very glad to be in June!

Here’s a little recap of our not-so-great month…

On Monday May 2nd a 10-person team flew into Fort Myers for a marketing campaign shoot. (LOTS more to come on this, but for now I have to be vague!) About the time they texted their arrival, Brent informed me that he’d been exposed to the dreaded C19 germs. Shortly after, he confirmed he was positive.

After much discussion we decided to move Brent into a hotel room, and the shoot would go on. The kids and I met with the team for a couple hours that evening, but as I was tucking them into bed that night they both admitted to feeling weird. I prayed it was just stress and excitement. Admittedly, I was feeling weird too.

It was a sleepless night and early the next morning I texted everyone to let them know the kids and I were, in fact, sick too. Unfortunately, there was nothing to do except reschedule the shoot.

And it was at that point the phrase, Take 2, became our motto for May.

For the next few days we did nothing except focus on our health. We took walks in the sunshine, ate homemade chicken noodle soup and tried to rest as much as possible. Thankfully we all had relatively mild cases. By Sunday, I could confidently say I felt great.

That was Mother’s Day. And we were still in quarantine for one more day. So naturally I informed Brent that the day wouldn’t count- I would need a Take 2, for sure! Despite our circumstances, we had a great day watching virtual church, swimming and grilling burgers.

The next night- Monday May 9th, Miller resumed baseball. And proceeded to break his nose. We went to the emergency room, mourned his season being over, and booked an appointment with a specialist. But then… the ENT delivered amazing news, Miller’s nose was broken in place. He didn’t need surgery. Best of all, he could get back on the baseball field.

Less than 24 hours after the break, we were saying Take 2 on this season of baseball!

His teammates were shocked and Miller was beside himself happy. Brent and I were a little worried for several obvious reasons. But mostly because his nose looked extremely crooked. Thankfully, Brent’s Uncle is a retired ENT and he agreed to consult from afar.

As planned, we traveled with Miller’s team to Sarasota for a baseball tournament that weekend. It was a fun few days of travel baseball and friends. After the last game, Brent’s Uncle kindly suggested we revisit the idea of surgery for Miller. In other words, Take 2!

We made a big decision to take Miller to Knoxville, TN for the surgery. There are lots of details not worth rehashing because they aren’t that interesting. But the bottom line is that we chose to use Brent’s Uncle’s former partner. With access to one of the best doctors in the country, it seemed crazy not to use him.

On the morning of Miller’s surgery we arrived at the hospital and as he was being prepped for surgery they asked a question. Actually it was more of a statement. “Miller hasn’t had C19 in the last 30 days.”

Uh. Let me guess. That would be a problem?

Of course it was! The anesthesiologist felt very strongly (along with hospital policy) that non-emergency surgeries needed to wait. We left the hospital a little shell shocked. No sooner had Miller taken about 3 bites of breakfast than our phone rang. It was the ENT and he said “surgery is on.”

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions!

Ultimately, if we waited 2 more weeks for surgery his bones would heal and the nose would need to be rebroken. The ENT explained this would be a much bigger and complicated surgery with a longer recovery time. Understanding this, we agreed that proceeding as an emergency surgery was the right call. But, of course, we had to wait 8 hours since Miller had just eaten breakfast.

Walking back into the hospital at 5PM, we all looked at each other and said “Take 2” with a laugh. Up to that point our May had truly been comical it was such a disaster.

Thankfully the last week of May came and went relatively uneventfully. As I write this, June is already off to an amazing start. We spent a few days with the production crew (see beginning of post) and got the marketing shoot done. Travel and rec baseball season moved right into All Stars. And we’re all breathing a little sigh of relief that the crazy days seem to be behind us.

On a personal note, sorry the updates have come less and less frequently these days. Lots of reasons, but we have some fun news coming soon. And I have good intentions of getting back to a more normal schedule this summer. Until then, you might enjoy reading:

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