Favorite Travel Destinations By Miller

To know Miller is to know that his favorite travel destinations will change before I finish this post.

It’s not that Miller is indecisive or doesn’t have strong opinions. Quite the opposite. He loves everything. Every day is his best day, and every trip is his best trip. This has been his MO since he was a toddler. I asked Miller to start thinking about this post a few weeks ago. Since then, he’s thrown out at least 300 places that have to be on his list of 11.

The fact that we were able to narrow this list of top destinations down to 11 is nothing short of a miracle.

But why 11? I know, the oddness of that number is driving me crazy too. But for some reason when Mary Grace was turning 11, I got the idea. After publishing her list, it quickly became one of my most popular posts. Naturally, I wanted to create something similar for Miller.

My favorite part of Mary Grace’s is not necessarily the list itself, but the genuine kid-like explanations of why each spot is one of her favorite travel destinations. Miller put equal thought into his reasoning, but this list is VERY clearly created by a little boy. I tried to censor how many times he used the words “cool” or “awesome,” but otherwise the comments are ALL him.

So without further ado, here’s Miller’s favorite travel destinations in no particular order:

  • Discovery Cove: You get to swim with dolphins and rays in the wild. Except it isn’t actually the wild because the pools aren’t connected to the ocean. And you can have as many frozen lemonades as you want.
  • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina: Best beaches. Best food. Best churches. Best bike trails. Best mini golf. Best things to do. That’s it. I said everything about it.
  • Postcard Inn, Islamorada: So you can walk out in the sand straight from your room. And there’s this stand set up where you can get free slushies all day. And they have mats out in the ocean you can jump off into the water.
  • Dollywood: This place has the best rides. They’re like thrilling without being too scary. And they have bumper cars and race cars and cotton candy. Plus, the Vols play in Knoxville so everyone should love it.
  • Alaska: This was my best trip ever because of the snow. I skipped rocks on a glacier and dog sledded through a blizzard. I might live in Alaska one day.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina: I wasn’t really born here, because I wasn’t. But it’s like my hometown because I was mostly raised here. I love it and I highly recommend growing up here.
  • Georgia Aquarium: It’s just really awesome. Do I have to say any more about it? Everyone should want to go here.
  • Ireland: Ireland is so good that throwing up didn’t even mess it up. They have the best ice cream. And everything is green. Not just like clothes and stuff. The sheep also have paint on their bottoms which I think is really funny. (Side notes: Miller did get sick one night on this trip, hence the first comment. And yes, you can google the sheep. It is a thing.)
  • New York City, New York: It’s my best big city. The Statue of Liberty is really cool and we got to boat there. Plus, the stock market happens there and I’m a big fan. Oh, and the bubbles in the park. The parade was really cold, so don’t put that as one of the reasons I like it here.
  • Fort Myers, Florida: I feel very at home here because of the palm trees. It just makes you feel like you’re at home. There’s also really good sidewalks and stuff to do and you can go to the beach whenever you want to.
  • Vancouver, Canada: When you get here, you’re like “wow, I did not expect to like you.” But you just like it because it feels like a great place.

There you have it. I can confirm that at least half of this list revolves around snacks. But, that’s Miller. And while I don’t admit it quite as freely, food is a big part of my favorite travel too. So I can’t really blame him for that!

Miller takes a little bit longer than the rest of us to adjust to every adventure (although in the last couple of years, he’s gotten much more outgoing!) So the fact that there’s so many places on his list where he feels completely at home, doesn’t surprise me at all.

Hopefully you’ve found a little inspiration, and a little laughter in Miller’s list. He wanted me to make it clear that if you ask him about it tomorrow, it will probably change.

Miller doesn’t take these opportunities for granted. He says thank you a million times for even the most basic travel day. And Miller always says things like “when I bring my kids here…” or “when I do this with my kids…” We love that he’s already planning to pass along his love of travel!

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