Planning A Surprise For A Loved One

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When we are young, we assume that receiving gifts is the most enjoyable experience of all. Who hasn’t lost sleep waiting for their birthday or other special event to receive the fun gift they had asked for, however modest? However, as we get older we often find that gifting people, and seeing their delight in our thoughtfulness, to be the greatest gift of all.

It makes us happy to see those we care about happy.For this reason, you may have been planning a wonderful surprise for a loved one.

To do so is wonderful. But if you’re not particularly experienced in this, you may wonder where to start. Sure, it seems so easy on the surface – buy a gift your loved one is interested in, keep it a secret, and surprise them – but doing so is not always that easy.

In this post we’ll discuss a few tips you can use for surprising that loved one for the better.

It’s Not About Expense, It’s About Thoughtfulness

It’s genuinely important to remember that the value of your gift isn’t measured by its cost. A thoughtful gift that shows you understand and care about the recipient’s interests can be much more meaningful. For instance, a handmade item, a heartfelt letter, or even a playlist of songs that remind you of them can be a nice place to start, but it’s also a good way to contextualize another gift you might buy.

If your loved one has just purchased a motorcycle and has every accessory for it, you might purchase a book about the history of the brand so they can deepen their knowledge. When planning a surprise, little adjustments like this can be a great benefit.

Experiences, Not Solely “Things”

While physical gifts can be wonderful, sometimes the most memorable surprises come from shared experiences. Planning a special experience such as renting a car here for gentle cruising on vacation can be great. Or it can be simpler, such as a picnic in their favorite park, a day trip to a nearby town, or tickets to a concert of their favorite band. 

These experiences not only provide enjoyment in the moment but also give you both something to look back on fondly. The time and effort spent planning an activity that connects with their interests and allows you to share time is lovely and touching, and too often underrated. Travel memories together are ones you will cherish as an amazing surprise gift.

Bring In Other For Help

Sometimes, getting friends and family involved can really elevate your surprise and make it more worthwhile. They often have insights into what your loved one likes or needs that you might not have been able to learn about, because others in your family structure may have been closer. Maybe a sibling knows exactly which book they’ve been wanting to read, or a friend can suggest a cool spot for a surprise outing.

Including others in your plans makes everything feel more special and personable, and really makes the surprise relevant. It also shows your loved one that a lot of people care about them, making the surprise even more touching. Just make sure everyone keeps it a secret so the surprise isn’t spoiled.

With this advice, you’re sure to plan a great surprise for a loved one.

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