Tips To Ensure The Best Spring Break Experience For Your Family

After a crazy year, is your family ready to have the best spring break ever?

I’m ALWAYS ready for spring travel. And I imagine that those digging out of the snow up north are also ready for some warm temperatures and travel.

Disney is always a Spring Break hot spot!

Our family has taken some amazing Spring Break trips. But when I think back on the different vacations, the best ones haven’t always been the most extravagant. In fact, a few of our favorite Spring Break trips involved low-key travel.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind to make this the best Spring Break:

  1. 1. Don’t Overdo It: Most traditional Spring Breaks are 1 week. I’ve seen a lot of people try to cram one month’s worth of travel into that short time frame. We’ve tried it before too, and the reality is that we felt like we needed a vacation after our vacation. Arriving home at midnight the night before you go back to school and/or work is never a great idea. Unpacking and laundry will carry on for weeks as you try to recover. If you want to take an extra long trip, either commit to the extra days off or wait until summer.
  2. 2. Do What You Can: There have been several years when Spring Break week didn’t really work for all the members in our family. My kids’ breaks didn’t match up, or my husband had a business trip or important meeting he couldn’t miss. Rather than writing off the  week completely, we planned some long weekend getaways. Pick a destination within reasonable driving distance and make the most of your time!
Not a warm spring break, but Chicago sure was fun!
  1. 3. Be Realistic: If you need warm beachy weather, plan to head south. Really, really far south! Unfortunately, spring can be unpredictable. Although you may wind up with an unseasonably warm week, you can’t count on it. Likewise, if you’re hoping for a little spring snow skiing, you probably want to head west or north. Spring also records high amounts of rain no matter where your destination is located. Be sure to go somewhere that you’ll enjoy even if it rains all week.
  2. 4. Think Outside The Box: Many destinations record the highest level of guests during Spring Break. In some cases, prices can also be the highest of the year too. If you want to avoid crowds and maximize your money, pick less typical vacation spots. If you want to head to a big city to do activities, it’s also a great idea to make sure the local schools aren’t also on break.
Last year we took a Spring Break trip through Virginia.
  1. 5. Do Something: Even if you aren’t in a position to travel, you can always make kids feel like they’ve had an incredible Spring Break. Plan a few day trips to local attractions. Make a special Spring Break “Staycation” list and let your kids pick the activity for the day. Try to do at least one or two things throughout the week that are completely out of the ordinary!

What are you planning to do this year?

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