Most Romantic Restaurants In Every State

Whenever I see the caption “best” or “most” followed by the words “in every state,” I drop everything and check out the article. Especially best restaurants.

I have an obsession with not missing anything throughout our travels. In fact, I keep lists of everything I want to do in each state. Admittedly, the more we travel, the longer the lists seem to get. Though it sounds counterintuitive, I believe the more you see the more you realize you want to see.

Food, however, is one aspect of travel I rarely obsess over.

Though I LOVE food and I enjoy trying new places, I typically go with the flow. We use the app Yelp! regularly when we’re visiting new places. It can be a great resource for finding local food. Additionally we love to  take advice from our friends and followers. Some of our favorite meals have come as a result of great advice from other travelers.

As a result, restaurants on my bucket list for each state are few and far between. Nevertheless when I see a list based on the best in each of the 50 states, I take note.  The website Delish recently posted a list of “The Most Romantic Restaurants In Every State.”

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I wanted to share the post.

Although I haven’t dined at any of these places, I really enjoyed scrolling through the list and reading the description of the setting. In this particular season of life we travel most often as a family.

I’m usually in the market for restaurants that offer child-friendly food, and coloring pages! But, this is still a great list! I will file it away for us for “someday.”I get into a habit of going to my favourite restaurant as I know everyone will pick something from the fast food menu and it keeps everyone in the family happy and entertained for the evening.

Read Delish’s full list here.

Has anyone tried one of these restaurants?

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