Books To Read On Vacation This Summer

Once upon a time- not all that long ago- I used to take massive stacks of books to read on vacation. I’m a total book worm and there’s nothing I love more than spending my days engrossed in good books.

But then, kids.

My reading time on vacations dwindled down to their nap time and possibly a little at night after they’d gone to bed. I still managed to finish several good books per trip.

Recently though, I’ve realized that I’m in a season where mom’s reading time on vacation is non-exhistant. My kids don’t nap anymore and by the time they go to bed at night- I’m usually exhausted too. Of course, they’ve become more independent now when we travel. But quite honestly, I’d rather be doing fun stuff with them rather than read by myself.

I hauled these heavy books in my carry-on bag and then didn’t even open one!

Last spring we took a couple lengthy trans-Atlantic flights and I ambitiously assumed I’d have TONS of time to read on the airplane. Unfortunately, I didn’t open a single book. And similarly, last summer we went on a road trip to the Northeast. I somehow managed to leave a library book at our hotel in Boston. It KILLED me to pay for a book that I hadn’t even gotten the chance to open!

All of this to say- I have to be extremely intentional about which books I’m going to read on vacation this summer. And, I’m committed to getting through at least 5 between all of our vacations.

So, please share- what books do I need to read on vacation this summer?

Currently my top picks from recent reads or past vacations are:

  1. Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines: I’m absolutely obsessed with this book right now. I’ve read it twice and bought it on Audible for our big drive out West. Also, worth noting that if you haven’t already read the semi-prequel, The Magnolia Story by Johanna Gaines- you should. It’s fabulous too. And while your’e at it, flip through their new cookbook!
  2. The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst: Not a new book, but one I try to read at least once a year. Great reminders for busy seasons of life!
  3. Still Me by Louisa Clark: My book club just finished reading this book and so it’s fresh on my mind as a page turner. Honestly, I don’t always prioritize reading the book club book…sometimes I’m just there for the wine and friendship. But this one I actually read and enjoyed!
  4. Sisters First by Jenna and Barbara Bush: I love them and this book is such a quick, easy read. They are so likable and provide some fun glimpses into their lives growing up on such a huge political platform.
  5. Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks: I’m such a sucker for all of his books! This one is one of my favorite (and also his most recent!) They did just announce his next one, Every Breath, will hit shelves in October.

Also worth noting, the book I just bought to read is- Meghan: A Hollywood Princess. If you’re like me, and still obsessing over the royal wedding- this one should be a good one! (Though I’m clearly stating that I haven’t read it if it stinks, don’t blame me!)

Don’t forget to leave your summer reading list in the comments section!

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