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Planning a destination wedding can be a stressful time for a family. Combining wedding traditions with fun, comfort, and so on for the guests takes quite a bit of work. However when it comes to the guest, it can be considered pretty exciting!

As a wedding guest, you’re not only getting to go to the wedding of someone you care deeply for, but you’re also getting to go to a new destination too. In a way, this could even turn into a vacation, depending on the location. 

With that said, as a wedding guest, how can you plan for this destination wedding?

Every destination wedding is different, such as being in a resort, a series of events for multiple days, or just a short ceremony. It all varies. So, here are some tips to keep in mind when planning a trip as a guest at a destination wedding. 

Remember, this Wedding (or Trip) Isn’t About You

Does this sound harsh? Honestly, yes, it does, but when it comes to weddings, it’s about the couple and celebrating their union. While yes, the comfort of the wedding guest matters, what matters more is what the couple wants.

If they want to have their wedding in a humid climate, and you hate humid climates, then it’s as simple as not going to it. You can even plan a vacation around the destination wedding, but just remember that the wedding comes first. They cannot and should not rearrange things for you or your family’s liking.

What matters is their wedding, so you need to keep this in mind, as sadly, a lot of wedding guests for destination weddings will sometimes get this entitlement mentality that their plans and their wants matter. It’s unfortunate, but some wedding guests (destination or not) will think this way.

Start By Saving the Date

Nowadays, couples getting married will do the whole “save the date” thing, where it’s not an invitation directly, but it is informing you of the wedding date far in advance so you can block off that date or weekend. Sometimes, but not always, the couple will already state that it’s going to be a destination wedding.

Usually, the sooner you book everything, the cheaper in cost it’s going to be.

Ask Questions

Whether it’s the Save the Date or the actual wedding invitation, it never hurts to ask questions. Most destination weddings are going to be covered, meaning that you will pay for your own flight, accommodation, and activities. Typically only the wedding itself is covered.

Before you book anything, make sure you understand all of the details about the wedding. It can be hard to plan a vacation or even just the trip to the wedding itself if there isn’t much info. Ask the bride and groom if there are any other expectations or activities involved outside of the wedding itself.

Turning a destination wedding into a vacation can be an awesome way to maximize the time and money you are already spending.

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